Zoom live stretch and core fitness class

My wonderful fitness instructor Kay offered to continue with one of her fitness classes via Zoom when I moved from the UK to France permanently this March. A couple of English friends also living in France have joined what is so far a smallish group. There is room for a few more people to join, Wednesday evenings 6.45pm french time £3 a session. She is a top class teacher and is brilliant with those of us who are getting a bit ‘creaky’! Any advice on how I could do a little publicity for her. People would need to be a native English speaker or have a pretty good level of english to follow what she says as its a bit like yoga and pilates. Hence my post here.

  • Is she based in the UK or France?
  • It would be useful if she had a web presence detailing her qualifications and the nature of the courses
  • She should also make sure her professional indemnity insurance covers her for offering her services in France
  • All these details can be included on her website to make her courses more attractive

Social media is the way to go for spreading the word: Twitter, Facebook et alia.

All good points, thanks for that.

Hi @JoTaylor,

If she does get it off the ground, I would definitely be interested. :relaxed: