22 Towns will be receiving extra finance... is your's on the list?

Do you live close enough to any of these… to be “helped” in any way… :wink::upside_down_face:

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Is there a list of eligible towns in Normandie (La Manche)?

Our capital town, Gueret (23) is on the list. Bet not much of it filters down here though.

There’s more here plus links to a pdf map of all the towns involved.

Vannes is on the list which is interesting as they have recently redeveloped the port area and also some of the town centre - we’ll have to see how they spend the extra cash.

useful link… thanks Paul…I’d been struggling with this

Thanks very much Paul! Vire and Flers are very nice provincial towns that will surely welcome support for their own redoubtable efforts to attract business and visitors. Fougères is a delight too. La belle France indeed.