6 N 2021. 7 weeks of Rugby

So much sharper and fitter looking, Wales well done them! England were all over the place to start with but sharpened up, Itoje should have had a yellow card.

I am not sure I agree that the 1st Wales try was fair to England, but it was opportunistic.

Yes, debatable wasn’t it from where we were sitting - still I suppose they had a better sense of what is what on site.

England’s lack of discipline in the 2nd half was shocking. Giving penalties away left, right and centre when the opponent has a slim lead is a huge no-no. I was not overall convinced by the England squad this match, and the result although close at one point, is pretty much a reflection of their shoddy discipline and seeming inability to build anything useful in counter-attack.

Quite - they are averaging 13 or 14 penalties a match, far more than any other team I think.

Yes, there are just occasional glimpses of form but overall they look stale and slipshod. And as you say shocking lack of discipline.

Extremely suspicious that so many players were affected at the same time.
I heard Matt Dawson saying that there should be some investigation and punishment if the French had been found to have been breaking the social distancing rules.

Yes they should - they are all about 12 and I expect it got too much for them, explains but doesn’t excuse. They are jolly lucky not to get what France got vs Fiji ie an automatic win for Scotland, it’s only because the 6 nations rules aren’t like the WC’s.

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