6 N’s 2024

Having an English wife may help with language skills :wink:

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Ah, yes, definitely. Ha :grin:

Missing out on the France vs. England game this year is a bummer, especially if it’s not in Paris. Hopefully, you’ll catch the next one and enjoy the excitement of the match wherever it takes place!

It’s always disappointing to miss out on a thrilling match, but there will be more opportunities to experience the excitement of the game in the future. Here’s to hoping for a great match despite the change in location!

What a way to decide the winner of the SCO v FRA game. The ref giving the on-field decision of them not grounding was incredibly fortunate as the camera angle was not conclusive. My thoughts - like everyone else, I imagine - are it probably was but impossible to prove.

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Hi. Welcome to the site :wave: Always good to have fellow rugby fans to talk to.

Not impressed with England this half

It pains me to agree.

Although Wales lost again, they can hold their heads high. For such an inexperienced team to lose to an England side that’s so experienced by only a couple of points, playing at Twickenham too, is an achievement.

Congrats to England all the same.

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I enjoyed both games, hard wins for France and England, great results

Welcome, @Riley_Goodwin!

Feel free to tell us more about yourself and your connection to France.


Just to echo the sentiments above, welcome to the site. Please tell us about yourself and your connection to France. What did you think about Pakistan disabling mobile phones and internet during the election - that must have been frightening and disorientating for many in this “always connected” age that we live in.


Bots can’t play rugby but WTF!

Hi Riley,
welcome to SF, as t’others have wrote alwaysgr8 to have another lover of the ovalie, & the best international rugby competition in the World!
So far, the only team firing on all 4’s is Ireland, well oiled they must be drinking and bathing in Castrol X.
England, sailing very close to the wind with their blitz un donner défense, little cohesion in attack, and reverting to old type to win games
Wales bunch of youg boybachs playing with Balchder ac angerdd, comming t arms whence harking gwlad fy nhada, but I woodn’t expect any less of boybachs.
Scotland, as well as France should have very settled teams, but look a shadow of themselves after le coupe du monde.
Let’s have your views to element this tread. Super Saturday will be as always a great day.


Is Bots, South African? If he could I’d have heard of him / her :laughing:

There’s Bots and Boks - not to be confused…

And of course, there’s neighbouring Botswana, perhaps that’s where they originated (tho’ improbable)

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An interesting question… :smiley:

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Dutch I think, though of course that could mean Afrikaans. First name Ro, used to play for Warrington Mechanicals at fly half.


LOL :laughing: :joy: :upside_down_face:

However a ‘robot’ is the SA name for a traffic light…

Complicating rather than enlightening,…

Watch out for an amber warning…

Big day tomorrow… Calcutta cup day!