7 days of B&B meals.... for Germans

right... i have a little B&B / Chambres/Table d'Hote...

a german couple have booked for a week and want to have dinner EVERY night - i love to cook, and i've worked as a housekeeper / cook for rich people in the past - but this has me a little nervous... they are coming in April - so more than likely for most of te week it'll be just the four of us... the husband spent 2 years working in germany - so language won't be a problme - and he's suggested, 1. sausage and 2. red cabbage - which is helpful!

it's a 3 course plus cheese affair and i charge 25 euros per person - i have 2 menu's at the moment which i usually do and cost me about 30 euros for the raw ingreds incl the booze and cheese for the four of us...

so, ladies and gents, thoughts please!... ?

merci b

x teresa

thanks Barbara - have already thanked Jane I hope! you and J are quite right - it will be much warmer by thaen we hope and heavy things are not an option - esp. as it is a 4 coure meal... thai fishcakes is a great starter idea - cold summer soups i certainly think is a good idea - and i LOVE a 'posset! i have a lovely lemon one i have made before - to go with a TINY slice of lemon drizzle cake - it works really well...

Sensible ideas from Jane.
Remember that summer is rather warm so really heavy dishes are a bad idea...cous cous, Piella and Rissotos are cooked..Thia fish cakes...barbecued meats...cold soups like gaspachio...possets, mousses and non pastry desserts.

It is a lot of work.


try this link and see what you can find on this site to offer your guests, my favourite is Bratkartoffeln


yes Ruth - you are right! my big problem is to keep costs down, keep the time i spend in the kitchen down - and brush up on my german... luckily my irish builder husband worked in germany for two years way back when Boys from the Blackstuff was at it's height - and he has great 'building site' german!...

Exactly what I was going to say - they are coming to France, and staying with an English! They can get german food at home!! lol

Good luck

Let us know how it goes!

Oh, I love risotto! Sadly, off the menu till I've low-carbed off the last few kilos!

A few pud ideas: choc mousse, served with posh biscuits, or tarte tatin, lemon tart, profiteroles.

Oh, pommes lyonnaises [is that the creamy gratin one?] to go with lighter main courses.

I shall start drooling soon....

Good and cheap starters: chicken liver parfait and onion marmalade, timbale of smoked salmon filled with light cream cheese and cucumber, soups with warm rolls. If you can find offcuts of smoked salmon, then make a pate and serve with melba toast.

Why would germans want to eat german food in France?

I bet you didn't go in winter Catherine.

Our daughter lives in Munich and the traditional fare is very hearty.

Yes Chrissie - quite right - they are coming to sample my 'delicious French food'!

Cassoulet and Bourgignon already ticked - Lamb shanks? brilliant!

We weren't here last April but if there is Asparagus I have a great Asp, mint & pea risotto, especially nice if it's wild...

will do - and give us a shout if you're ever up this way (Revel)...

(oh, the husband's a stonemason if you need advice - but not work - he's a chateau to finish)

Some great menu ideas already but, just a thought, won't they be coming to France to eat French food?

What about a couple of classics like Boeuf Bourgignon or Cassoulet... both hearty enough for German appetites! Or Lamb Shanks in red wine?

April... fresh asparagus and strawberries [slice into bowl, sprinkle sugar and lemon juice, cover and leave in fridge for a few hours, serve with a good icecream... just yummy] should be around so good for starters/puds.

Bon appetit, and hope it goes well.

pinch away! and if coming down this way pop in for cafe/vino/baked goodies xxx

thanks mark - that's so helpful! (plus, i looked at your menu and may pinch one or two ideas too!)

a lemon fool is a great idea...

we're not a million (french) miles from you and we'll be heading down your way for Bastille day we hope for the Tour...

x teresa

Hi Tereasa

Also run a B & B (Maison De L'Orb) and many guests request dinner - a few suggestions for you which I do and go down fabulously

lamb and date tagine (works equally as good with beef chunk steak) and something you can throw into a pot, leve for a day or two to let flavours really go for it

chicken and chirozo - chicken thighs in a pan, wedge in some sweet potatoes, chuck in some sliced chrizo, drizzle with oil and into an oven for an hour or so

pork seems to be discounted everywhere at the moment so maybe roast pork, home made apple sauce and a side veg?

lemon fool desert - simple as

any christmassy things you want to use up? panacotta pudding (bread and butter pudding) or use stollen

whatever you do hope its a good week for you xx

Tee hee!!

Wendy you are SO NAUGHTY!!!

we watched one of these last night! - the one where he has the Haut Cuisine night and chef gets drunk - Cybil asks if she can do anything to help and he says 'yes dear, go and kill yourself' or something like that - the husband laughed so much he had to go outside for fresh air...

french onion soup - brilliant!

thanks gillian - i AM capable - but feeling a little 'blank monday'...!

I couldn't resist it!

Classic Wendy - how clever of you to find that!