A day of shame, the liar triumphs and the Met facilitates it

Who needs conspiracy theories with this going on?

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“ An amoral sociopath capable of believing any falsehood to be true if it fits his solipsistic worldview”

I couldn’t put it better myself.


Hear, Hear !
The man is a disgrace to the nation and should be dismissed immediately.

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Problem is @Robert_Hodge the UKs unwritten constitution makes it more like Mugabe’s dictatorship than a modern progressive democracy.
There is no-one to sack him. The Sovereign could but she won’t, Tory MPs could, but they won’t - all that’s left is the electorate but they won’t either “cos he got Brexit done” :roll_eyes:
The de Pfeffle fiefdom is milking the country dry just as the “lords and masters” did in medieval times and the electorate does nothing but self flagellate at the bottom of their gardens…

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It’s a bit of a myth that the UK has an unwritten constitution - most of it is written down, just not in one single place.


I’m not sure that’s true in practice, even if true in theory - and she could not sack him as leader of the Tory party.

At best she could dismiss him as head of her government and invite Keir Starmer to form a government in his place - the problem then would be that even if all the opposition parties united they would not be able to actually get anything done because of the Tory majority.

Because her role is ceremonial, not administrative.

Ultimately a GE electing a Labour majority would be the best way forward, followed be electoral reform to ensure that a party with only 42% of the popular vote would not end up with an 80 seat majority in Parliament.

Sadly FPTP works well for the incumbent, whoever that is, so the enthusiasm for reform always wanes when in power.


The basic problem is that the UK system relies on those that represent us in Parliament being honourable and there is little defence if they are not, and no defence if they organise themselves into a whole party of corrupt individuals and then con the nation into putting them in power.

The Guardian this morning reports other newspapers’ headlines - The Mail, Telegraph and all the Murdoch titles still behind Johnson - so that’s it. It’s their views and actions - not those of the public or MPs - Tory or not - that matter in the UK.


expensive toilet paper…

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Once a bloody idiot, always a bloody idiot.

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An old school friend of mine lost both her parents during covid, each time she could not be with them during their passing … she is understandably so pissed off with Blowjob and his merry men/women - time for him to resign and disappear from public service.


Probably decrying the Texas massacre and totally forgotten what he wrote about Dunblane.
What I find totally amazing is that the Right Wing Republicans want to ban abortion just to let their children be massacred by someone who has the right to bear arms.


well, get this latest deflection :roll_eyes:

Theatrics to prove some sort of “Brexit Benefit”

Under EU regs, of course, shops could sell in any amount they please, and were free to describe the amount in imperial - as long as the metric equivalent was shown. EU membership did not stop supermarkets selling 1, 2 or 4 pint containers of milk and that’s exactly what they did.

It will please the gammons, no doubt.

I wonder if they will be stupid enough to bring back £. s. d. - that would be a non-cosmetic change, but one which would harm our economy even further.

Out if interest does any country currently have a non-decimal currency? I can’t think of any.

Answering my own question - not really :slight_smile:

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Come on Billy, I know you’re going to relish using those imperial weights - you know, as you nip around Sainsbury’s comparing different deals by dividing by 16 - so much easier than the old complicated 10! Or 14 of course for larger wights.
Now let me see, how many ounces does that make in a hundredweight?

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1792 :slight_smile:

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It’s all so arbitary though - I don’t think there is a single factor between two units which is the same

16oz = 1lb
8st=1 (what’s the abbreviation for hunderdweight - cwt? - that’s stupid in itself)

I don’t see why… c is the Roman number for 100…
Also, centime is used for 100th of a value (Euro, France) and cent for time in years…
So it follows a logical pattern.

It was the mixing of Latin for the c with an English abbreviation for “weight” which struck me as odd

Did you know that the hundredweight was only fixed at 112lb in 1835?

There’s a “quarterweight” as well - ¼ of a hundredweight or 28lbs.

It’s fascinating looking up the history and all the old units which have fallen by the wayside - but only in an “there’s a reason we don’t do it like that anymore” sort of way.

There is little logic to Avoirdupois (for a moment I wondered if the pois there was literally peas but apparently it is from old French peis = weight).

Generally the advantage is that non-decimal units is they often have easier factors - the Babylonians liked 60 because it has factors of 2, 3 and 5 and the multiples and combinations thereof so you can divide 60 by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 15, 20 and 30 and have a whole number result.

16 only has a factor of 2 - so a half , quarter or eighth of a pound is easy - but ⅓ doesn’t work. 14 only has 2 and 7 (why 7 FFS?) as factors, 112 only has 2 and 7 - again, super useful that one.

It’s madness going back to this system, fluid quantities are no better and really, really <deity> help us if they actually so consider going back to £sd