A debate for those of us at a certain age

Led Zep or Pink Floyd…


And as for Bruce (we saw him in Paris in ’16) :slightly_smiling_face:


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Not a question of one or the other John, I like both equally.

Don’t mind Bruce though I think he is vastly overrated. I can think of others better than him like Rory Gallagher, Robert Hyatt, Steve Earle etc etc


Pink Floyd gets my vote (seen them live many times, probably 20+) though Zep up there too (only once, Knebworth 1979)
Saw Springsteen quite a few times in big stadiums in the 80’s, long sets with non stop energy

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One of the few artists that I preferred recorded to live - though, like you, I only saw him in stadium sized venues where I found that, towards the end of the concerts, I ran out of desire to listen to more Springsteen before he ran out of the energy to deliver it.

Possibly a shorter set, in a more intimate, setting would have worked but by the time he was gigging in the UK (or at any rate by the time I discovered his music) he was already a megastar and not given to small, intimate, venues.

Which is your favourite Pink Floyd album?




That’s quite a hard one.

Of the live albums: Pulse

Of the studio albums, depends on my mood a bit. Wish You Were Here and Dark Side are obvious choices but I frequently find myself moving forward to give The Wall more credence or going back to stuff such as Obscured, Meddle or Atom Heart Mother.

Overall probably “The Wall” but it’s a close run thing between that WYWH and Dark Side.

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Hmm. Someone told me you had to smoke to really get Pink Floyd. Wonder which album they meant? thinking maybe Meddle.

I’ve been listening to the Division Bell in the car (one of 6 CDs) as its my favourite this week.

Last week it was Animals

I was on the train going to uni back in the day and saw the pig between the chimneys.

Haven’t decided on next week’s yet, might be Obscured by clouds…

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I couldn’t possibly comment :slight_smile:

Though I did think constellations were meh until I discovered 7up1

1] a euphemism, obviously.

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Most of my Floyd is vinyl so harder to listen to as I don’t have a deck set up any more so normally it’s mp3 copies if I do want a bit of nostalgia, or YT, but I’ve just dug out a 96kHz, 24-bit flac copy and it’s like a new set of ears. :slight_smile:

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For those of us true ( :slightly_smiling_face:) Floyd fans, who could forget careful with the axe Eugene or Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast? Then when Dark side came out our “early adopter” trust was rewarded :smiley:

Marmalade, I like Marmalade

I stored my original NAD 3020 and Micro-Seiki turntable (sourced if I remember well from Richer Sounds (or similar) on Tottenham Court Road in ’79). Sadly the Acoustic research AR18s I bought with them have dissolved. Not to worry, IMO modern speakers outperform all the big names I spent a fortune on over the last forty years. (I presume that diminishing hearing playing a part there too).

Being a bit OCD (is the the correct term Paul?) whenever I bought an album I played it once and recoded it to tape cassette. Handy for the HiFi and handy for the car. So all my albums are pristine. I’m going to recommission the NAD and Turntable soon and enjoy them.

Ahhh… it took a true Floyd fan to listen all the way through this. Many would say, and I wouldn’t disagree, that a little toke (not like the madcaps today) eased the process :shushing_face:


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Remember the ads… “I thought Wang-King was a city in China before I discovered Smirnoff”

And you always used the album cover to "skin up":blush:

It was either that track or possibly “Several species of small furry animals…” on UmmaGumma, but there’s a bit where if you slow a certain noise down then play it in reverse, it reveals a recording of Roger Waters saying “that was pretty avant-garde, wasn’t it?”

I had too much time on my hands in those days…

Edited to add: it was the UmmaGumma track.

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