A Forum NBBM might be interesting

Could the forum have a NBBM, a no bashing Boris month, or at least a NBBFortnight? The constant repetition gets boring.
Alternatively, a NBUK month; after all most on here seem to live in France or at least pretend to?




And the bravest person on the Internet today award goes to Randomadness


I have found not engaging is the easiest way to avoid topics in which I’m not interested. Nobody has to read everything posted online and nor do they have to reply to anything.


Personally I’d much rather see a group class where everyone is shown where the mute thread and ignore user functions are all at once so no one has no excuse not to use it and then we can stop at the very least the only thing more tedious than the constant ‘how terrible is the uk and Boris’ threads in my mind, the constant ‘can we stop moaning bout the uk and boris’ threads from a very small minority of people as everyone will know exactly how to filter out the content they dont like.

Sorry if this sounded harsh or overly aggressive, its not intended that way, but frankly ive had to read anti vaccine nuttiness, pseudoscience about medicine, that Dr John and his incredibly self important youtube videos, incredibly tedious information about whatever evil thing the uk government are doing now, a series of anonymous accounts spewing moronic conspiracy theories about the new world order and the EU, and many other things that dont interest me on here, im not sure why others can’t either move past, or use the function of the software specifically related to allow you to hide topics that are not of interest or that they’d rather not see.

This rant sounded a little like there is nothing on here i actually like lol, so to be clear i enjoy coming on here very much and enjoy almost all the topic and chat, even the stuff that doesn’t interest me. I dont want to sound ungrateful either to our hosts or to other contributors whose thoughts i generally enjoy reading very much. It would be much better if people put their time and effort into creating threads and content they actually wanted to see, literally drowning out the other stuff, than just saying what they dont want to see.


So, what would you like to discuss that isn’t the UK or its prime minister?

Maybe we can learn the qualities of Boris, please enlighten us Randomadness ?

Or maybe just not talk about him at all!!
Let’s talk football instead. What team do you support Peter?
Izzy x


Rando isn’t suggesting not discussing Johnson or the UK at all just a short pause for a couple of weeks.

Big Spurs fan since 1961.

With a fondness for Norwich City too…

Me too! Spurs that is. Not a bad season after all. Conte is staying for next season and hopefully Kane will stay too now we have Champions League football.
Shame for Norwich but not a big surprise.
Great to see Forest back where they belong.
Izzy x

Good idea! All they need to do is go here:

Mute whatever topics they want, then in 2 weeks after their pause click in the muted line and click the X to get the thread to show back in their latest timeline and such. If people used the hashtag #boris on threads about him going forward then people could literally mute any threads about him!


A good season for Spurs with the gooners failing as a big plus. Perisic is a quality player despite his age and Conte will further strengthen. He’s trying to get Ericsson back which would be amazing.
Norwich are what they are. Their business plan is to not spend, win promotion then take the parachute payments to tide them over until the next promotion

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Try Yeovil Town. Made it to the middle of the National League again having almost climbed to the top ten! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::rofl::hot_face:

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But there’s no need for that! People can discuss whatever they want to. As Vero said…


I feel your pain having followed Stevenage when I lived there during the 1990’s.
Izzy x

When he stops being such a disaster by hopefully resigning, being kicked out or less likely is if he actually starts being competent I will stop commenting on him.


The trouble is that it is not discussion most of the time, just bile and invective.


Easy - simply don’t bother reading posts that don’t interest you (pretty much anything to do with the UK in my case!) but as we’re on the subject I just couldn’t resist the following:


That’ll be the second player on a free. Canny!! And would be great to see Eriksen back, not afraid to admit i cried watching him being resuscitated on the pitch
Next season could actually bring a trophy!!
Izzy x