A french law


About a law in France > In English, if there was such a law, it could be called “The Good Samaritan Law”

It's called "non-assistance à personne en danger" or "abstention volontaire de porter assistance à une personne en péril"
It is Art. 223-6 of the French Penal code.
Here it is in French :
Quiconque pouvant empêcher par son action immédiate, sans risque pour lui ou pour les tiers, soit un crime, soit un délit contre l'intégrité corporelle de la personne s'abstient volontairement de le faire est puni de cinq ans d'emprisonnement et de 75 000 euros d'amende. Sera puni des mêmes peines quiconque s'abstient volontairement de porter à une personne en péril l'assistance que, sans risque pour lui ou pour les tiers, il pouvait lui prêter soit par son action personnelle, soit en provoquant un secours.

And in English :

Whoever could prevent, by their immediate action, and with no risk for themselves or others, either a crime or a mister-meaner against the physical integrity of another person and who voluntarily does not intervene can be punished by up to 5 years imprisonment and 75 000 euros in fines.
Any person who voluntarily does not help a person in danger, with no risk to themselves or others, either by their own individual action or by provoking the required help, will be punished equally.
This law can be invoked if the following criteria are met and can be proved :
It must be about physical danger to a person
The person at fault is fully aware of the danger
It is possible for them to react / do something (eg: intervene themselves or call for help)
The action presents no danger for themselves or anybody else.

It is a pity that there should be a need to make a law obliging people to help another person when there is no risk to themselves or others. I'm not saying that it is wrong it is just a sad reflection on society, and not just France, that there should be a need for the law.

And similarly when someone has broken down isn't there an obligation to stop and offer assistance?

And a point to add to this is that when you stop at an accident, you must park in front of the accident not behind and you must remove all other occupants of your own car to safety first. Just done the PSC level 1!

Good posting Roger, yes i'm more than aware of it and always stop at accidents even when others are there and ask if they need help - they usually don't as things are underway but it means that I've done my bit by checking that someone has already phoned the pompiers or police. The odd time that I've explained this law to brits they've been astonished to the extent that some haven't believed me (including family)!

I think all countries should have a similar law/obligation, after all that's what living in society is all about, or should be!