A tender topic

Drinking alcohol.
Do you drink socially or has it become a habit which can get out of control?
I ask this because It has been suggested that I am a heavy drinker…why, perhaps because
I am open with my thoughts.
That may be considered a symptom of indulgence.
But no I hardly ever drink alcohol. Whatever adversity I come across I face it directly.
Do you turn to friends or a bottle?

Curry helps me feel better.
I need a lot of that at the moment because of Brexit.

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Yes probably me too!
Needed some comfort and then set out to make a proper French onioun soup…just for me!
I really enjoyed it.

Oh yes BREXIT is a pain!
big pain.
I have been tolerant and taken in the views of those who feel that leaving EU is
a great idea bur what I can not tolerate is the anger of the far right. If I find any
family member or “friend” mocking religions or people who are not hetrosexual with photgraphic images or aggressive phrasing on line

or whilst talking to me personally they are out of my life.

And if a friend is a friend to me they will always have the courage to defend my honour by supporting me with the truth!

I drink, mainly beer, because

  1. I like it
  2. I get thirsty
  3. I like it a bit more
  4. If I drink wine, I get pissed

That all makes sense.
But we will get to know how serious the problem is by a lack of response to this topic.

We drink far less now than when we lived in the UK when it was not unusual for us to consume every night two bottles of wine and then go onto Bacardi and coke, I was probably over the limit to drive most mornings as I started work at 6.30, now we can go days without a drop and even when we do drink we may have one beer and one glass of wine and that’s it.

If I’m honest Barbara, the way you write could often give the impression that you have a glass in one hand and the keyboard in the other.

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I don’t drink alcohol at all, really. If I am out for dinner I will have a glass of wine with supper, but I probably won’t drink all of it. I don’t particularly like aperitifs, digestifs, spirits etc. Or fruit juice. Or sodas etc, I loathe those.

I drink water and vast quantities of black coffee and different sorts of tea.

Ok Tim…explain that last sentence fully.

If you are honest.

Just as long as you are aware that I rarely drink and that I find it offence for people to insist that I do.

If it relates to my grammar ….well I am not going to change!

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Tim is tearing in!
Or trying to find a way out!

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The title says ‘A Tender Topic’, clearly it is. You have admitted that people have suggested that you might be a heavy drinker and I’m merely putting out the idea that the way you speak/write is part of the reason some might think that, not just the grammar.

Then explain fully!
Because my style of writing is too different for you?
Or because my views are different?
I do not beat about the bush!
The people who suggested the drinking were far right people who were talking nonsense.

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There also seems to be an expectation on expat forums that everyone drinks and having a few to many is often used as a response to posts others don’t like or don’t understand. People have thrown that accusation at Barbara and the dirt has stuck.

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Yes because many of the people who have thrown the dirt are living with the problem

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There is often a lot of anger in your writing Barbara and you frequently use the exclamation mark which just excaserbates this.

It seems to be a self preservation mechanism.

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Tim you are a little provoking. And, if I may say so you come across to me…when you talk to me as if you are trying to find fault with what I say and do. Maybe I am sensitive.

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“Tim you are a little provoking. And, if I may say so you come across to me…when you talk to me as if you are trying to find thought with wh”

If you look at the last sentence Barbara, it isn’t a grammar problem, it just looks as if you pressed send before you checked what you had written, so it is a bit incoherent. So maybe that’s it.

I press b or n instead of the space bar all the time on my tablet, so if I don’t go back and correct thembsometimesnmybsentencesbcomeboutnlike this and people may have an opinion about that.

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To be honest again Barbara, I do not understand why you started this topic if you didn’t want any replies that could offer an explanation as to why some might think you drink. If someone else had started the thread I would being saying the same thing so it’s really not about you, more about the topic.

I changed the message.
But it did not get seen.
Never mind.

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