A tender topic

Yes, but only once it had been read… and I suppose that’s what people react to, what they read first. If something looks weird people will speculate as to why.

But you can’t put yourself into the head of whoever reads you and worry too much about how they interpret something or else you would never write anything, all anyone can do is try to be clear and hope for the best. :blush:

Yes and if we worried about how every one interprets our thoughts, our ideas and every thing we do then there would be no progress, no new inventions life would be stagnant and very, very boring.

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So, you have answered your own problem, don’t get yourself wound up every time Tim replies to you. He’s only doing it as you rise to his bait.

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Hmmmmm yes but why is he doing it?

I ask myself.

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Just think of goats Barbara.

I try and enjoy a bit of banter with everyone Mark but Barbara often takes things the wrong way and this thread is yet another example, I have tried to explain to her that I’m just a nobody on a forum and in reality what I say should be irrelevant to her or anyone else.

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Is that what you call it.
Poor goats!

Just a bully :thinking:

You should put yourself up a moderator Bill.


You see, I make people laugh and I’ve not even been trying that hard!

Got to remember to ask yourself T’, are they laughing with me, or at me! :thinking:

I think Tim has a particular sense of humour which you get or you don’t. No grey areas. On the whole I think I get it but I have an extremely warped SOH myself


When we move over permeability I do intend to be very cautious with drink. At the moment we visit for weekends every 6 weeks or so with a long trip in the summer and as these are holidays we do seem to drink a lot.

When living there permanently I don’t think we could afford to consume at the same rate - but I also wouldn’t want to.

In UK we enjoy 2-3 bottles of wine per week.

There seem to be too many expats seeking friendship and answers at the bottom of a bottle.

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It doesn’t bother me either way Bill, as long as I make people smile my day’s complete.

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Great :+1:

I have known people who start to drink wine with lunch a few bottles each…then go on to cognac or other spirts and then they gently move into the evening with more wine. I am not sure how the manage and what is going on with the functioning of their liver.
If the dare to drive that would be crazy.
Mostly these people seem to be British people who have retired.

I agree, Nellie. My own sense of humour is complicated and sometimes cruel, I confess. And I do enjoy Tim’s contributions, which are spare and laconic, but hit the spot with me. I find the Tim-Barbara rapport-deficit rather upsetting, as I rate Barbara’s contributions as highly as his.

More broadly, the general tenor of coversations is thoroughly decent, and very instructive too IMO. As long as we all make generous allowances for each other’s fallibility, and recognise each other’s strengths and widely diverse experience, we need not have serious concerns. Just enjoy and be thankful for this great resource, we should be very sorry not to have it, at least I would. Sad! :grin:


But I hope that history does not repeat itself.

Barbara, that seems to imply that people who don’t respond are hiding a drink problem, and that’s a bit premature, perhaps, as it is weekend, and the thread is only a few hours old :wink:. Some of us have to sleep off a stonking hangover :grin:

Seriously (?), I have drunk less since coming to France than previously, especially beer. I’ve had perhaps a dozen beers in a bar in three years of living here, and a 10 pack of supermarket bieres blondes 250 ml lasts me a month and often longer. I treat myself to a couple after a few hours in the garden, looking at my handiwork.

I don’t otherwise a drink alcohol at all during the hours of daylight, but have white or red wine with the evening meal, a glass is enough. Later in the evening I enjoy half a bottle of white wine which I take diluted with fresh orange juice (people will throw their hands up in horror and despair, but that’s how I like it).

About three days in ten I go without, as I find that daily drinking leaves me morose and sluggish in the morning. When I was in my 40s, especially in Africa, I was a heavy drinker, it went with the expatriate life-style.

We don’t mix at all with British people in our town, although my wife has found a friend in a local town and we visit occasionally for afternoon tea

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