A tender topic

Go along with that Pete, ‘cept t’ orange int’ wine :open_mouth:
1700 on the dot, is bikkie o’clock for the dug, an’ beer o’clock for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Bit of shipside discipline, Bill? :poodle::joy:

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Yardarms and all that ‘stuff’ Pete :grin:

I know I now drink a lot. Everyday, then some days off. But I like it helps, I will drink after lunch, too much on my own, then after.I am honest. Dont attack me for it I defend myself.

Chris I certainly will not attack you because you are drinking. But I hope that we can find you other forms of friendship…other than the wine etc.
Have you got a dog or cat to keep you company?
There is no better friend to be found.
Get out to meet other people until you find good friends.
Not every one will be your friend but there are people out there who want company too.

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Bab, I will drink wine mainly white, red and only vodka and orange. Not beer. I will not have cats or dogs.
You admit what you drink, not forgetting all of it.

Oh do you not like animals or perhaps the responsibility?
I am lucky not to be interested in alcohol and drugs but I do sometimes have a
craving for special foods.

Why is it suggested you are a heavy drinker, when you say you hardly drink.Then you crave special food?

Good morning Barbara l have been following this thread with interest - and as usual you have provoked an interesting and lively debate. I have read your posts for many years on both this and other forums and remember your style being attacked previously by people who should know better - to my shame l was one of them. But after you explained that you were dyslexic l could see that your disorder influenced your style and to your credit and in spite of it you did and do continue to fully participate in these discussions - Bravo!


Chris Dan has explained a little;
There are people out their who get a kick out of hurting others.
I have no idea why.
Perhaps I am not interested in getting sozzled.

Being drunk takes you to another dimension I am happy to stay where
I am.

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Yes I was bullied.
And on here too by a top contributor who threatened me regarding something he was completely wrong about. and he really does not know why he did it…but, I believe that it made him feel important and powerful.
So he was the one who had the problem…not I.

We all have failings without being failures.

My “dyslexia” is about following sequences so it is not really dyslexia. I could never follow choreography, drive a car, type with in the normal manner, read maps and follow maps. My grammar would often look a little crazy.

So no one is perfect.
Nor do we need to be.

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Bullying and threatening? By a top contributor? That is wrong and unacceptable. Maybe strong differences of opinions, but not what you have experienced. Bullying can be subtle and sometimes misguided banter, but threats are completely wrong.

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yes but he no longer is part of SF…for whatever reason.

Perhaps he saw his threats did not stop you and he just left or was removed. Probably behaved like that to others.

No there was another reason.

When was this? What is the name? Or just give initials? Maybe I have seen his posts, there is one notably absent who I often thought had overstepped.

@barbara_deane1 @Chris_Franklyn

Barbara and Chris…

If you wish to discuss another Forum-Member or even an ex-Forum-Member… it might be better to do it via Private Message… just between the two of you.



It is ok I am not going to discuss it further Stella.
It is something you never forget!

A tender-ized topic, indeed. I marinate myself in the occasional glass of wine, and I do love dark beer especially when it’s 4% ABV.

When angry, I’ve drowned a bit in a bottle of wine. That’s pretty rare.

Nowadays, with the steps forward toward moving to France, I find I’m fascinated and perhaps feeling a bit less like tranquilizing myself so the consumption has gone way down.

It’s interesting now, to drink wine since research has shown it does not in fact do me any good (contrary to my prior assumption that wine every once in a while was actually good for me).

I’m trying to make a good life, with more fascination and less need for tranquilizing. The taste of a good dark beer, though, or a good glass of wine - especially when I’m feeling a bit um odd (since mostly alone these days), helps with buffering me and is a bit calming. I can stand to sit alone at a bar, with a good glass of wine/beer. Helps with the courage.


I find that sometimes alcohol, especially beer, has an almost magical effect in sharpening, expanding and beautifying my perception of mundane things. I could almost describe it as a spiritual experience, but it only happens occasionally, and isn’t enhanced or prolonged by increasing the dose :astonished::dizzy_face:

I have never used hallucinogens or indeed any major mood-altering drugs other than alcohol (the one time I tried hash I passed out).

The ubiquity and popularity of alcohol for its benign and relaxing effect, and as a mild disinhibitor, defies unreasonably negative challenge IMO, and should continue to do so.

I have had to ‘come to my senses’ in the past, and look for help about out-of-control drinking, and was able to learn new behaviour and a better understanding of my own neurosis, which was a very worthwhile life-lesson, and helped to heal.

The contributions in this tender topic so far have been wise and careful of others’ feelings, and it may have helped many of us, I think, to have had this discussion in a kindly and safe environment. Thanks to all.