A Writer's Group?

Many will know that I am a writer, with some ten books to my credit (non-fiction, although I have a novel on its way to being an e-book) and a web-site/blog; http://valwineyardpublishing.blog4ever.com

Many people, when I tell them I am a writer, say; "Oh, I'm writing a book!" and then they go all shy!

Anyway, hence it might be an idea to get together once a month or so. People will have to come to me because I have no car, but I do have an extensive reference library here, although biased towards the histories and mysteries of this region of France. And I can certainly help people on the rocky road to publication.

I live in a village between Narbonne and Lézignan-Corbières, on the Carcassonne road.

Looking forward to hearing from writers or would-be writers!

Hi Val. You may not have seen this group but I thought you might find it interesting. It's for writers, bloggers and translators. Hope the link works! http://www.survivefrance.com/group/writers-bloggers-and-translators. Perhaps if no other member writers are close enough physically, you could still enjoy their company virtually.

Too far from Narbonne, I broke a shoulder some time ago and couldn't drive that far if I wanted anyway. My most recent work was published by Springer, therefore big international, but various publishers over the years. I am an anthropologist but specialise in children's rights. Facebook and other networks of course.

Too far away from the UK or too far away from Narbonne? Are you published by an English Publisher? Do tell me more! Are you on Facebook?

Me too, academic but no fiction. I mainly write reports and research documents, which run into the hundreds. Have a few books under my belt too. Working on another 60,000 word one now. Hard slog. Rewards not so good. I live too far away.