Abigail's Party - Forum Behaviour?

Anyone remember this gem from 1977? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As things have been a little ‘fraught’ of late here on SF, and bearing in mind the SF ethos of trying to create a dinner party atmosphere, I thought it may be useful to ask for your own ideas on how to create that perfect atmosphere?

Here’s a short clip from Abigail’s Party: I’ve Got Very Beautiful Lips

And here’s the whole thing if you fancy watching it:


Well - I’ll kick off then…

I always like to make sure that my guests are settled in as quickly as possible - certainly with something to ‘hold’ within the first 5-10 mins of their arrival. All too often, at the many social gatherings I’ve been invited to :wink: , I’m left gagging for something to drink for what seems like an eternity! :tropical_drink::tropical_drink::tropical_drink:


How about something like this…:smiling_imp:


I’ve never seen Monty Python… obviously missed some great humour…

Warm welcome… comfortable surroundings… drinks/nibbles offered… general chit chat… introducing folk if necessary… more drinks… more chit chat…

À Table

Much slurping and munching… interspersed with chit chat and laughter…
any tiddly/difficult guests successfully out-manoeuvred … more laughter… chit chat… etc etc

Eventually, gently steering guests towards the front door…

Heartfelt thanks and goodbyes… then, graciously shut the door behind them… phew… then OH and I can collapse… (hopefully onto the sofa rather than the floor)

Thinking about it… some Threads do stagger along, a bit like my “dinner parties”… especially the “collapse” at the end… :joy::rofl:

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There is so much chit chat before we get a drink and then at least an hour of more chit chat before we sit down to eat when we visit our French friends.
They are beginning to get the idea now that we normally have lunch, much better for the digestion for those of a certain age and we usually start tge whole process at 6.30 now.
Totally different if they come here of course.

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seriously ??? nobody has never seen Python……………………


Nope… I never got started on that… probably a language thing… :shushing_face:

You probably won’t believe this but I’m a wind up merchant and am happy to stay sober and tease those whose personality changes after a couple of glasses, it can get a bit feisty at times but does provide entertainment so most go home happy.


Never seen Monty python, don’t believe it…

Python have an answer to everything :grin:


Ha ha… we don’t all like the same things you know… I would have been happily watching something else, if I was at home at the time… :relaxed:

I enjoy Michael Palin Travel Adventures… and John Cleese in Fawlty Towers… so I’m not totally hopeless… :hugs:

Was it prawn cocktail with Marie Rose sauce, egg mayonnaise with paprika or half a grilled grapefruit with brown sugar and a cherry?

And, and, and… what ever happened to doilies??:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What’s the perfect DP menu?

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I love a prawn cocktail.

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Steak Diane or beef stroganoff.

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My dad always had steak Diane when eating out. I would prefer the stroganoff.
Wasn’t fussed on Black Forest Gateau.

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Anyone for…Chicken Kiev, Chicken Chasseur, Tournedos Rossini (in Surrey obviously!), Duckling a l’orange … ? All washed down with a nice bottle of Blue Nun / Black Tower or Piat d’Or!!!


Or Mateus Rosé and keep the bottle to stick a candle in. :grin:


Or…the Chianti basket bottles as table lamps!! Mateus Rosé ice lollies ?

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I have a friend who always buys wine based on the picture on the label. So far they’ve always been pretty good.
I am tempted to try the Tsarine champagne. It comes in a lovely bottle.