Adverse weather conditions

Poor weather continues with massive rainfall expected in South Western departments for the next 72 hours. Where are you in France and have you experienced this yet or do you expect to this weekend?

I think that is a brilliant idea Brian and what this site is all about - people pulling together and helping each other. Maybe others can expand on this idea? Thanks!

Hi Guys. I think this forum has been very helpful during the recent weather emergency. I think there is potential for it to take on an even more proactive role in similar circumstances in the future. For civil emergencies there is something called 'community resilience' whereby local communities pull together to help each other and share resources. Originally this was intended for villagers to share boats, 4x4s,tents, the keys to the village hall etc but it lends itself wonderfully to this self-help online forum. Anyone stranded without facilities or unable to go out for daily provisions could get help through this forum. What do people think?....

I've heard from my neighbour that our neighbour's roof leaked (as did ours - but thankfully our neighbour put a bucket under it). The terracota tiled roofs just don't seem to cope with such torrential downpours especially as the tiles move over the year. I hope it's dried out by next weekend as we're back home and I don't want to sleep in a monsoon shower!

Apparently another one of our neighbours (house adjoiining ours) is saying his bathroom leak is because of us...that sounds like another fun battle to have on our return. I don't imagine he has bothered to check his roof! It's not the first time our neighbours have tried the old 'claim off the English next door' routine, we had another one a few years ago who's house backs onto ours - after I told her I would refer it to our builder & insurance company she backed off. It appears she wanted a 'cash settlement' from us! Cheeky wotnots.

And yet more rain. 80mm and counting.The rain just runs off the hills here and shouldn't worry us despite the water seeping through the garage under the veranda (must do something about that one day). But I wouldn't like to be downstream if this goes on. Our local stream, the Piou, is roaring away in the background, after several months of near drought, on its way to the Colagne which burst its banks a few years back and flooded Marvejols. The Colagne in turn runs into the Lot so all of you down there in the Lot (et Garonne) can blame us if you get your feet wet!

Thanks Julie, similar weather to you - the autan's been blowing all week, now dropped and the rain has set in but we've missed the worst in the west aveyron.

As for Montagnac - I've been following the news in Midi Libre and of course it's now made national news - the german sdf who drowned yesterday and the two others who were winched to safety by a helicopter. Everything's flooded between Pézenas and Montagnac but it loks as if the village has got off lightly - sometimes houses flood in the old centre just because everything is channelled into the streets.

No cycling club training run this afternoon, but we've got the club agm and dinner dance this evening... if that's not rained off too :-O

Hi folks. We're in Lodeve where it has been driving rain and very high winds for a couple of days. A couple of power cuts and no satellite coverage. The biggest problem is that the heavy rainfall and river flooding has contaminated the water supply so the Mairie is giving out bottles of drinking water at the back of the Cathedral. Bon Courage mes amis....

We're in Le Lonzac,Correze, & it is bucketing down here.I'm sitting in my kitchen watching a river running down the road infront of my house!!The last few days have been pretty windy with odd thundery spells.More rain forecast for days to come,but brightening up next week sometime.

Roumegoux village 10 miles from Albi, had been raining hard all night and this morning, but has eased off a bit now.

South of France village of Puget Ville just 20 min north of Toulon 83 been raining hard non stop for the past 2 days with thunder and lightning, lots of flooding think I will invest on a boat

Dry, overcast but bright in the west of the aveyron. may even get the bike out for the club run this afternoon ;-)

James, yes, perhaps with a cawfee or two hehe. All calm here at mo.

In our part of the Aude (11) we have grey and drizzle. Not inspiring us to do anything!

Still raining.

Love the name of your village Caron! Never mind the rain, just *sopranos accent* faget abbatial :)

persistantly raining here in Faget Abbatial, nr Auch dept 32 South West. Had hardly any rain here for months great to see green grass again. Bon weekend to all.

We don't have any rain in Roumegoux (dept 81) at the moment, in fact it's hardly rained here for about 2 months. We have gales at 85 km/hr, which I hate, haven't been able to watch satellite TV now for 3 nights. I do watch French TV, which is find, if I can understand what they're saying, but I do like to watch my english programs to.

Nothing yet in Mouhous 20kms north of Pau. Calm and quiet but complete cloud cover.

Just 40 mm of rain since yesterday here in northwest Lozere. More to come. Situation is much worse down in the Cevennes. Florac, where four rivers and streams converge, is partly flooded and further down the Tarn in Ste Enimie there's more flooding (not unusual).

A bit windy here near the Loire River but am still in short sleeved shirt out in the garden.