Advertising with Google

Does any one have any idea how much a company would pay to get high ranking with google?

That depends on which keywords they are bidding for. But the sky is the limit.

I’d say round about a few million Barbara - or near enough…:-:open_mouth:

so it could be thousands or even millions?

Yes easily

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You have to speculate to accumulate.

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plus search engine optimisation and meta words and basically paying to keep their website getting hits. some companies pay other companies to keep their page on top.

there are plenty of youtube videos showing you how

Me or Barbara?

Barbara understands 0 about this subject.

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what is it your looking to do barbara or is it just a question?

No it is just a question I have no plans to try and understand how Google operates.
But I never realised that a company in sales can spend a fortune on keeping their
profile very high would need a huge budget.

Nothing is for free.

its not that expensive to be honest. its all about coding and manipulation and its relatively straight Forward if you know what your doing. I used to do my own website every week but as word of mouth is most for us I saw it as a waste of time and energy. Time better spent doing other things, like drinking Tea and eating home made crumpets (and soon to be hot cross buns as my wife is trying to make some for first tie this weekend.

The baking sounds good.
We will be going out to eat at Easter;
We will be travelling for about an hr and a half to eat in a lovely rustic
restaurant which serves great food.
And to another in Pomerol which looks very interesting.
It is birthday time and hopefully end of hibernation period so ready, steady
cook etc.

Sorry, I was one step ahead, I think. :thinking:
Do you use google adsense?

Yes I do, can you see the ads? Maybe you have a blocker?!

its what i used to use but clients found it annoying so took it off.

I see them OK, I was more thinking if you look at the reports, do any changes like blocking ads, review, etc.
By the way, they say never click on your own sites adds, you might get blocked by google.

There are all sorts of reports in there, I don’t see one for ad blockers, I don’t pay that much attention to it really, probably should review but I think it’s about as good as it going to get, last time I overhauled it (ad placement/size etc) was about 6 months ago.

I think google chooses ads depending on users browsing history, so maybe one should not make any restrictions. Maybe only if you don’t ‘like’ certain ads, like vegetarian site not wanting Beef-ads …

Yes that’s correct, I have no ad types blocked so you could see anything that Google has determined you would likely want to see.

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