Advice on taking a mortgage in france

Hello. Is there an article to give buyers of a property in France advise? My landlady wants to sell her property and I said I would look into the possibility that I could buy it. I work in Monaco and will see my bank in Monaco on Thursday (CIC) as well as BNP parabis. Are there other banks with good loan rates?

Hi George…

Are you a “sitting-tenant”??

When we sold a property with a “sitting-tenant” they had first-call on buying the property, at an advantageous price…if they so wished… and there are financial schemes in place to aide the buyer in this situation.

Yes I am the sitting tenant as I have a tenancy agreement since may 2017. Because she wants to sell she gave me notice last week to end the tenancy in May 2018 (after 1 year)

Aha… the one-year agreement then… sadly we went way over the one-year and got clobbered.

We have a mortgage expert on SF, I would ask her @berangere.chabenat

Best of luck

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I should have known… :wink:

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Yes I saw your earlier post thanks and I have got in contact.


I think you’ve already seen this but here you go if not

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Yes this is what I saw. I have a reply and some forms to complete for Bérangère. Thanks for your help.