Advice urgently needed - fall in income

Hi everyone
I’m a teacher auto-entrepreneur whose industry has been hit particularly hard and despite some people thinking positively, I cannot see my industry getting back to ‘normal’ this year as I teach corporate employees on their premises and university students.

Covid-19 has hit a lot of people in different ways and the French state has stepped in in some areas but there are families, like mine which are ‘in the gaps.’

Without going into any detail at this stage suffice to say we have suffered a dramatic fall in income between us of around 65-70% for different reasons.

I have suggested to my French partner that we reduce our outgoings by asking our landlord if we can reduce the rent by 50% for the time being. She is scared and adamant we would be taken to court and evicted and refusing to contemplate this.

I can’t believe that our request would be impossible considering the obvious extreme situation facing everybody so can anybody give me any advice on what I can do? is there a particular procedure, etc?

IIRC the non eviction rule has been extended during coronavirus lock down…

Yes, I understand that but I want to ask landlord to reduce rent. Is there a way I can do this?

simply - don’t ask don’t get. The landlord would be acting against the law and cutting of his (her) nose to spite his face if your request was refused.

That sounds good - big problem is my partner though who clearly fears her own state more than not eating. :frowning:

That’s what I would do in UK.

If your Mairie is still operating, telephone them and ask for advice from the assistant sociale both in respect of rental and loss of income support.

OK. Good advice. I’ll ask her to ring them next week. Ta.

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It very much depends on the owner. Perhaps they are in financial trouble too and rely on your rent to pay their own bills. Or perhaps they have a portfolio of properties so can afford to be generous.

See this article here, which should reassure your partner.

Oh, and some landlords include a premium for loss of income insurance in your rent.

You should be entitled to financial help , see that thread!

Which thread?

This one


Ta again mate!

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Thanks @graham

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Hi Gary

Just a thought but do you have public liability, car or contents Insurance?

I know with my policies I opted for the extra legal protection. They cover all areas of law ( in my case. I can’t speak for your policy) and perhaps could help with regards to your landlord and getting other help.

I’m a long way from you but if I can do anything to help, even if it’s just buy you some groceries please let me know.

I know how hard it is. I set my business up last September. All the events I sell my goods at have been cancelled and all deposits ( or in 3 cases payment in full) have been retained. It’s hit me really hard.

Bon courage :blush:

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did you ring? if you struggle with french but you have the mobile LOTS of french people use WhatsApp… send a message - use google translate… we use that to communicate with our landlady - we speak french, but she’s 98 and deaf ! We have a little group going with both of us, her, her sons & grandson.

We asked if she could do anything - she cut our rent in half for 3 months and deferred the payment.

And finally - you’re an auto-ent like me. Have you claimed the (up to) e1500 - it’s VERY EASY - unlike most french websites, forms, everything… We received our March payment on Tuesday…

When did you apply for the payment Teresa?

um. beginning of last week i think - recently anyway. obv. it was the easter break but everyone i spoke to seems to be getting it quickly - 4/5 working days should be. you can see the progress anyway in the gouv. portl thing

Thanks Teresa, only applied last Friday so a bit optimistic to expect to have received it yet, the note on my Impots basically says ‘being dealt with’.

Just updating the situation. I applied for the solidarity fund and received money. Thanks very much! It was easy actually. Will this apply for April too?