AE - Things I am too scared to ask

busy planning to start up as self employed but have a thousand and one little questions to ask. just wondering if any other AEs out there would be willing to answer some basic questions.

for example:

how much do you pay towards your national health contribution. sorry for using english but have got confused abit.

Yes, CFE. It cost me €210 last December, the first time I had to pay, but OK €4 a week is hardly worth going to war about.

what is meant by running a business from my own home, all small self employed businesses are run from your home ie back room office etc, the business mailing address will be my house and the home phone will be my business line, so really you will have to pay business tax on top of your domestic taxes.

Simon, there is an AE group: We have jumped through every hoop, loop and ring at one time or another. There is probably overkill of info, but worth a look.

THe "charges" are about 24% if you are offering a service, 15% if you are in sales. The upper limit of your turnover is 82 200 if you are selling, 32 900 for services. This link may help:

Good luck!

Forgot about the merchandise bit! There are 2 different levels and the thresholds are much higher though if running gites or chambre d'hote.

This should answer some of your questions as the article is up to date:

If running a business from your own home you will also be liable for business tax. Again this relates to turnover and can be between 200 - 300 euros or as much as 500 euros if higher earnings and is payable in Dec. Previously AE were exempt for a number of years but this was abolished last year so all new AE have to pay in their first year now.

Hi Simon, as said your cotisations will depend on what you are doing. I attended the reunion d'infomation at my local cci (which you should be able to do free of charge and with no obligztion to register) in March and have the slideshow used with all info saved to my files - I would be happy to email it to you and answer any questions my email is

It depends on whether you are selling goods or offering a service. Sales of goods is 15% and services is 24% (being reduced this year I think by 1%) Or a combination of the 2..

There are limits on how much turnover you can declare in the year - goods is about 42000 and services about 17000. The thresholds are low coz they want this to be a start up scheme. once you go over these amounts you are supposed to upgrade to one of the (more expensive) systems....

Best of Luck

Cotisations (national insurance equivalent) are roughly 24% of your earnings but I understand that this is being reduced by 1% if it hasn't already been implemented. This is what my accountant advised.

So what else do you want to know?