Age is only a number - (or is it?) Ongoing

I wasn’t any good at heights when I was 13. I’ve not improved.

Ageing is about being content, isn’t it, and appreciating what you can do and what you have?

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Yes Porridge very comforting thought.
As long as you can be very contented.

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He’s going to boldly go… and good luck to him… I love Star Trek…

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Rumour has it the 90 years old starship captain was quite scared, someone in launch control told him he’ll be ok just Klingon!


She is 87.


I would also be scared, but that would not stop me from saying yes :rocket:

True, but I think it’s a choice (or an exercise of the will).

I could wish I had that [car/house/income/ability/freedom from illness] or I could choose to be content with my lot.

And I’ll be content with my Aveyron…

Hur hur hur

I’m Tarn which I prefer, I suppose one just has to Garonne with it and settle down somewhere , whatever you Doubs there’s always a Lozère. Do you like the mountains Aude you prefer the coast, I prefer if it’s not too Var to the sea myself. Charente make any more terrible jeux de mots :grin:


I have not visited SF recently.

Not sure if I will make comments again.


This a 9 year old in Holland – still my favourite child singer.

What a pity they have to grow up!

And while we’re at it, it’s never too old at 35 with kids, family and job. Sam Bailey sings with passion at first audition, then again in the second.

I like to see her sing as she appears, as herself. But not so keen on later auditions where they sophisticate her with makeup, hairdo, and clothing, although I’m sure she loved that side of it.