AI puts up the shutters

No not artificial insemination but Anglo Info. I see the owners have finally decided to put up the shutters at the Knucklegrazer’s. Gazette. New format but that won’t do any good as long as it has to endure the numpties who “contribute”.


Numpty and a knucklegrazer, I’ve been called worse.


I’m always amazed that people seem to think it’s acceptable to insult others they’ve never even met-especially other Brits on other forums. It happens on all of them! Why is that?


As a long time reader of AI I can confirm that its users are in grave need of a sense of humour transplant.


That should be extended to the owners, franchisees and moderators too

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yes i dare never post when i was a member on Anglo info. I had a business advert with them and not a single hit. in fact they listed kennels as “home and garden” i asked and they said oh people often found it there.
once i posted a comment to be met by a barrage of abuse from not 1 but 9 members (I’m told they used to gang up on other members and admin ignored them.

I watch others suffer the same fate and soon left those gates behind.

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I’m still waiting for them to remove my advert lol. 2 years later.

I think a website like AI has a place in the expat world but a lot of people’s judgement of it is based on the discussion section alone.


SmartExpat represents a new era for Angloinfo, giving you even more personalised info, advice and extra features…

Well, that’s what the email says, so it must be true…

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yup I’m going to be smart enough to stay away


I’m new here … I assume insults are the standard fare here as well ?

bye bye .

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@Barry_Twyman … Hi there… to whom are you addressing your comment ??

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That’s unfair Barry, SF is one of the more ‘friendly’ sites without too much confrontation - most of the bullies left ages ago.


Joined 2 Oct 2013 - don’t understand?

Much snow where you are Simon ?

Hi Stella - perhaps he was referring to Davids post that started this thread - having reread it l must say it does come across as insulting to anyone who has ever posted a thread or responded to one on AI. (which includes me) - Or am l missing something?

Hi Peter I’ve PM’d you :slight_smile:

I’v’e often contributed to the old Knucklegrazer. The continual argy bargy between “experts” who contrived to prefer their info to come from the bloke in the local bar rather than never ceased to amaze me.


Haha, too funny. Thanks, David, got a good giggle out of that. It reminds me of the exapts that come here having learned their trade on the boat over.


I used AngloInfo Languedoc for years. Discussions were generally of the Infoshare type…which I didn’t get involved in. But for selling/buying stuff, and for sourcing tradesmen… it was a great website. Unfortunately , the owners suddenly and unexpectedly changed the format a few years back - and what was once a useful tool became beset with poor design and technology glitches - put simply - the site no longer functioned.

Regardless… to read the comments from some on here - particularly Mr Gays opener - one would think that the members of Survive France were some sort of Intellectual colossus club. What a pompous, arrogant attitude. I moved to France in 2003, in part to get away from that type of middle class snobbery …of course, QED…I soon discovered it is alive and well here.