Alive the kids in the Cave - Successful Rescue... but Sadly One Diver Dead

Wonderful for the kids :joy:

Extraordinarily great news, I thought they wouldn’t make it as they’d been down there so long.

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Yes, indeed… Wonderful News… so glad for their families…:hugs:

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So wonderful to have the good news of these missing children. Cannot imagine what their families have been going through.
Do hope that they are brought to the surface soon, bravo to all the rescuers and those who didn’t give up hope !
Maybe give an extra cuddle tonight to your children/grandchildren as a sort of thanks to whoever has been watching over these youngsters :hugs:


Incredible news but still a difficult task to extricate them from the cave - though it sounds as though they have an excellent team of divers and cavers. Fingers crossed!!!

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Amazing lads that went in there to find them, well trained lads I imagine, military, perhaps?

And their families.
Persistence pays.

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And ability Jane, thats taken courage too, diving in those conditions, I have a cert’ but couldn’t imagine diving in those conditions, well done, those Men/Women :heart:

It seems that they might be down there for a while and it was a couple of Brit divers who found them -

Seems there is a lot to do before they get out. :thinking:

The latest is that they have got there with doctors and food.

The kids are in amazing shape considering 9-10 days without food and not that much water; that is they are so weak that they can barely stand but as far as we know all are alive and in reasonably good spirits.


They are kids, they will soon get the hang of scuba gear. They haven’t said if the divers have to un kit to get through tight spots etc?

yes, it all depends on what they professionals are doing with comparative ease… that the kids might not handle. I suspect that hours underwater, in blackness… might cause some of them to panic… (it’s making me feel awful just thinking about it. )

I’m sure we are all wishing them well… and crossing finger, toes and everything else…


I don’t think it is that straightforward - even the very experienced divers who forged the initial route said that conditions were tremendously difficult, with passages which will only permit one person through at once, visibility sometimes zero, most, possibly all, the kids can’t swim and they are just about on the verge of starvation.

The priority at present will be to get them food and medical attention and to get them strong enough for a rescue or prolonged stay in the cave.

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I’ve a Padi Cert’ but no way would be diving in those conditions, hat off to those guys :heart:

Tragedy/drama like this… can bring out the best in folks… nice to see everyone working together…:relaxed:

Hope they figure out a way to get them out, or they are there ‘til Sept’ or Oct’ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just reading in the paper, it’s about a mile and takes around 1.5 hours, very strong currents as well so very difficult. Not being able to swim doesn’t matter much with scuba gear but panic is a killer in these situations so I now understand the difficulty. Hopefully they can train the kids and they can follow the rope out when they are confident enough.

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I did some sea cave night dives as part of my advanced diving cert, they were scary enough. Done a lot of caving/potholing too, including some underwater stuff, but there is absolutely no way I could have ever done an hour and a half confined in zero visibility. I wish them all the luck in the world, they will need it.

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Just hoping they can rig sufficient lighting along the route to make it less terrifying, luckily kids have less fear than adults.