Alive the kids in the Cave - Successful Rescue... but Sadly One Diver Dead

(stella wood) #61

Just think about it… if we are over the moon… how must those families and friends be feeling…

Really makes up for a lot of Bad News… I’m sitting here with a big grin on my face !!:hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

(Bill Morgan) #62

Great, feel for the lost divers family too :heart:

(Timothy Cole) #63

I hope world leaders of all persuasions take notice of the combined effort of people from many different countries in facilitating the safe resuce of the boys and their coach, for me it puts into perspective things such as Brexit and trade wars and how meaningless they are.

(stella wood) #64

(Bill Morgan) #65

Remaining divers and Doctor out :+1:

(stella wood) #66

Can we all breath a huge sigh of relief… is the drama really over …

(Peter Goble) #67

The drama at the moment seems to be around parents not being able to hug their kids. Why-oh-why drama of the kind beloved by some sections of the media.

I’d be a bit surprised if Thai mothers are desperate to hug or kiss their post-pubertal sons. In some cultures this would be be inappropriate and unseemly, as well as disrespectful, even under the circumstances of the rescue. If it did happen it would be in the privacy of the home.

I’m a bit surprised that the people who front the news from Thailand aren’t better briefed on their culture. A lot of witnesses on the ground are more culturally aware of how local people respond to events like this, and how they express their feelings.

(Helen Wright) #68

Totally agree Tim…a United humanitarian global cooperation and global coordination and selflessness by hundreds of unsung heroes doing what they do best…right down to the volunteers providing food for everyone…makes me wonder why any of us anywhere even need governments getting in the way…x :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #69

I’ve been in and out of the garden all day today keeping track and so relieved when there was also word of the paramedic and the last 3 divers also out…I’m not too keen on the divisionary media circus currently being constructed around Elon musk and space x nor the speculative one being constructed around Melania and Donald…The important thing today is a celebration of dare I say it love and compassion for our fellow human beings…incidentally I did a search of the French pm and the Thai rescue…all I came across was “a dive” in popularity by one of the rags…!

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Hi Helen… I don’t understand this comment you made…

(Helen Wright) #72

I was looking for comments by the French pm as I’m sure he must have offered his support and be as overjoyed as all of us that a global initiative has resulted in such a happy outcome…I was surprised that my search terms led to media articles about his “dive” in popularity”…hope that makes sense…???

(stella wood) #73

Aha the PM… sorry, it’s too hot here and I’m not thinking straight… :roll_eyes:

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(stella wood) #75

The Thailand Navy Seals have released a video…

(Timothy Cole) #76

What makes people say what they do?

The joys of free speech and social media.

(Paul Flinders) #77

WTF, just WTF??

(Mark Robbins) #78

Careful, someone may call you an adolescent :joy::joy:

(Bill Morgan) #79

They well might Mark :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: