OH just received this email…


As you have placed an order on and selected an EU delivery address in the past, we wanted to let you know that from 1 January 2021, when the Brexit transition period ends, you’ll see some changes when you shop on and select an EU delivery address. These changes could include:

  • VAT (or the regional equivalent, if applicable, being due in the country of delivery, or your package may be subject to customs duties, taxes and fees (“Import Fees”)
  • the collection of VAT, or an estimation of Import Fees (“Import Fee Deposit”, which may result in a price change at checkout.

We will continue to accept eligible returns. If the reason for return is the result of an error (e.g. if the item is defective / damaged / incorrect), any costs incurred for the return will be paid by Amazon. Otherwise, any costs incurred for the return (including transport costs, as well as any associated import fees or customs where applicable) will be payable by the person returning the goods

We hope this helps and we see you again soon.


Customer Service Department

Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that can’t accept incoming e-mail. Please don’t reply to this message

That is a pain, I seem to order quite a lot from Amazon UK.

always use amazon france, is there any advantage of using amazon uk, too late any way but just wondering?

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only use the UK if we can’t find it in France… and only then, if the postage is free…


if you can’t find it in France, it’s not worth having :grin:
Haven’t used Amazon.yuk for ages… the .fr site seems to meet all our simple needs :wink:


Same item on UK site sometimes cheaper and with Prime no delivery charges. So use both all the time. Usefully Amazon use the same code for their items so just substitute the FR for UK and vice versa to check prices.

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I suspect we are not looking at the same things… :wink:

We use, .fr and .de to get the best price but would much rather buy local, unfortunately we’re not millionaires. :unamused:


one day, Rodney… :slightly_smiling_face:


I have now received the same email from Amazon.

I use both sites and buy on the site that has the most suitable product or price. Some products (eg books) can be say £10 on uk site but when French delivery address is inserted the £ price increases marginally.
My uk Prime doesn’t do free French delivery and delivery prices can be costly but two weeks ago I got a Germam sourced product for €1 delivery.
Think the letter is a catch all and if a deal is done then it becomes mainly academic .

The price goes up because of VAT, I believe. UK vat on books is nil, France levies 5.5%, and under their agreement with the EU a couple of years ago, Amazon charge vat due in country of delivery.

I got the same letter but, although I use UK a lot I am not too bothered because I have also used FR but also D. The advantage of the German site is that much of it is in English.

But what I am more concerned with is how it will effect book downloads for Kindles. Does anybody know? Is the range of English books as wide on FR or D?

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Thank you BIG time all you Brexiteers

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I hope not, the exchange rate is bad enough now!

I use both too. I have Amazon prime and get things from France sent to UK if I’m there (ie French telephone etc). I would say though, that if I ever need to return anything - it’s always because quality is unacceptable. Amazon are rich enough, I’m not paying for a return! :rofl:

Brace yourself for worse.

I expect a short term hike if a deal is announced (which will annoy me as I made a transfer yesterday just in case) followed by a fall as Brexit kicks in next year.

If no deal it will probably just go south, but I think that’s mostly priced in at the moment.

Hi Guys
Have you tried You need to set up a different email address but we are hoping that we will be able to avoid the extra tax on items ordered from UK to france. Also the .de site has a LOT more stiff that we want than the Fr site which is pretty miserable tbh

Is that correct?
I set up a .de account some time ago with the same email as my .fr and accounts. I just tried to get into my .de account and it sent a text to my mobile to confirm - after which the browser refreshed in to my account.

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Hi Graham
When I did it, I was permitted to use the same email address as I have for amazon de, fr and but mon marie just today set up an account with .de and was advised he had to set up with a different email account to his uk account or his UK account would be closed.
I havent ordered from .de in a while but expect to be doing a lot more

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