Amended Address CdSWA/Commune Restructured

Adressage (naming roads and numbering properties…)

In the bumpf handed out on Saturday at our Mairie … it said Driving Permits, Identity Cards, Passports… could all wait until expiry/renewal came around… at that point, the Amendment to the Address could be made… not necessary before that.
No mention was made about foreigners in France with CdS/TdS/Visa whatever…

We all know that if one physically moves address … one has to inform all and sundry and change whatever might be applicable…

Just got back from my Mairie, where I asked the question… what about us Brits… and our CdSejour thingies…

“Ah yes… we’ve realized they were omitted from the bumpf, so we’re now telling them they MUST notify their Amended Address… to the powers that be… and do whatever is necessary…”

Hmm… it’s too hot for sensible thought… I’ll check just where and how we do this… once life returns to a bearable temperature.

Meanwhile, if anyone has already done this and knows the answer… bring it on… please.

Having drunk a nice cold glass of water… mmmm… I’ve decided to deal with this by post.
A copy of the Attestation of the Amended Address from the Maire, stapled to a copy of the document delivered with my CdSWA (which carries all my info…) and a brief note asking the Prefecture to do the necessary.

This should be do-able… as the bumpf from the Mairie says that everything can be done by Post if folk prefer…

Sent by recorded post, with proof etc… all should be well.
I shall not be holding my breath…

I thought so as recently happened to a friend. You have to apply online. You have 3 months in which to do so.

These are the links I used. Find the appropriate ones for your préfecture.

If the site doesn’t work that means your N° d’etranger hasn’t yet been created. You will have to apply online for a rdv at the Préfecture.
Réservation d'un rendez-vous concernant votre titre de séjour - Auxerre et Avallon - Les services de l'État dans l'Yonne (change your Department) find the Préfecture under which you live administrativement.

etc. etc…

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thanks for the thought… I’ve taken a look… but it doesn’t really fit the bill.

I’ve not changed address as in moved house…
The Mairie have simply amended everyone’s address…
With the carte grise, there is a section which one ticks: “amendment”
easy-peasy and a sticker will be sent, so all well and good.

I’ll go the Postal route as I’ve mentioned.

Usually the amended address is simply an extension of one’s previous address and presumably everything used to get there, so I think it may be business as usual.

Our house is about 600 years old, but for most of that time one could only get here by water, or by clambering several hundred metres down the rocky valley wall (both routes seem to have been well used). Then early(ish) in the last century they drilled out huge amounts of schist on our side of the valley and eventually the village got a road. However, it was another hundred years before the road got a name. Unfortunately, it’s been named after the gabariers, the boatmen who before the road was built, manned the gabarres (boats) on the Lot.

Even more unfortunately, though understandably, no one (except me and a few elderly locals) seems to have the word gabarier in their vocab, so there are endless problems, not least if the foreigner tries to give the local a history lesson! Despite all this, our mail doesn’t seem to get here any quicker now and couriers still have to phone up to find the house - à coté la riviere, 100 m aprés l’église…

Incidentally, we’re number 70, not because we’re the seventieth house on the road, but because we’re seventy metres from the boundary of the commune, And obviously every courier driver, whether they’ve come from Brive or Toulouse, knows exactly where the border of the commune of Livinhac-le Haut begins!

(Info update June 2022)

so I don’t need to report my amended address or request a new WARP… hurrah

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That’s good to know, my friend moved house on the same road. So had to change TDS.

Ah, yes, moving house is rather different… :wink:

Especially when changing boy friends at the same time, things get complicated :joy::joy::joy:

The most important bit (assuming it’s accurate of course) is surely the bit in the box! Free replacement, not two hundred and whatever like standard ones as some were saying.