An awkward wall and plasterboard

We are currently working on our future bedroom we have insulated and plasterboarded (while keeping all the gorgeous beams open both above and on the walls - the cross bits). We are happy with the finish all around, including on the ceiling even though it has all the woodwork. Hubby is pretty good at getting a near perfect finish however the wall where we have installed the new window also has a big point and there are just lots of bits of board joining and it is really hard to get a smooth finish that will look perfect when painted.

Ideas we have thought of for that wall are
1/ a rougher enduite type cover (not keen on that though)
2/ English style plaster all over but you can’t buy the stuff here
3/ a wallpapered feature wall - never papered (Aussies have a bit of resistance to wallpaper ! :rofl: ) but not adverse to this but still worried if there are slight imperfections in the levels underneath how badly will they show?

Has anyone any other ideas / advice on products or finishes that we may not have thought of?

Go 70’s with artex :rofl:


Lutece 2000L is pretty close to a UK finishing plaster - or and I may completely misunderstand your description use the metal corners (in most Bricos) and just enduit over to smooth out rough ends on plaster - or even that tape.

I just pay a plasterer …

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We used MDF panels on an awkward uneven wall, and a sloping ceiling and it still looks good. I think they were called ‘Lambris MDF revêtu’. There are different finishes. See Leroy Merlin :

Dont wallpaper, the imperfections will show through. Best to plaster, and as @chrisell says, Letuce 2000 is like a uk finishing plaster (and its white).

I hope it was zero formaldehyde MDF? I bought a desk that made my eyes water (I have Sjorgens and sensitive eyes admittedly). MDF not good for bedrooms in particular

Thanks for the advice on this product, I’ll see if I can find it.

After having a look we have realised that the worst of it will be partially hidden / broken up visually by the curtain rod and curtains so I’m thinking Mr perfect plaster pants might have been panicking for nothing :rofl: :rofl:

I’m very broke.

I’m a bit funny about MDF as well but not a bad idea to look at other options next time! would probably have looked quite nice in wood lambris painted white just on the one wall. Not changing now as already done it and already done a lot of the plastering / sanding!

Thank you - good to know, as I said I have never done a single bit of wallpaper :rofl:

This is the offending wall that Mr Perfect Pants think will be a problem, I personally think it will be fine and he is fussing but he is just so with his joints :rofl:

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Mr Perfect Pants is fussing… if you’ve taped, skimmed and sanded then should all be fine.

This is sablé paint on a very dodgy join. Can you see where it is?

Can you pop around and tell him that :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Nope not at all! Is it rough to the touch?

Delicate, very fine grain sandpaper. Not even as rough as a face scrub.

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That looks a tidy job.

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Its never easy to get a good plasterboard end to end joint. BTW, the joints look good, easier to see when you’ve given it a coat of paint.

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Golly @toryroo I’d be really pleased if any of our walls were that good! Pour M. Perfect Pants a nice glass of something and tell him to chill :smiley:

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No plaster, no enduite, just taping and jointing, then finished with sous couche for placo then one coat of paint. No visible joint lines on show.



Thank you. What has to be imagined though are the really “awkward walls” & shapes.


Looks like you might have same velux blinds as us, and with similar awkward angles…? Do you have a problem with the toggle on the blind falling off? And, if so, what do you do about it?

They are Velux blinds, but I am not sure what is the toggle you refer to. The blinds in the picture are fitted with a full width pull, is that the toggle you mean. Any road up, I changed them to electric operation some time ago.

It probably is perfect to a Mk 1 male eyeball :smile: So many things just don’t seem to cut the mustard to female X-Ray vision.