And so the Brexshit effects begin

UK wildlife at risk due to regulatory gaps created by Brexit, says report

Your getting to be a very anti UK site, and clicks community.

We are a democratic country and you should respect that, try to balance your BB with things the EU are doing wrong too.
Like the thousands of songbirds that are been caught and killed in glue traps when migrating over Greece, Jtaly and France.

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tin pot dictatorship more like - a small insignificant island off the coast of mainland Europe that has ideas well above it’s station and capability.
Maybe - a century or more ago - there was an empire but what now exists is a desperate excuse for one.
Where, once, you had a seat at the masters’ table you are now consigned to beg for scraps.
Do you honestly believe that the remaining 27 Euro nations will bow to some imaginary British superiority and that you will be an equal partner with the US in trade talks?
If you do, then good luck to you. The world is a different place where strength in numbers persists.
There again @anon20824123 to use the WWI soldiers vernacular of the trenches - if you can find a better hole - go to it :wink:

I thought you lived in France Barry?

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UK wildlife at risk due to regulatory gaps created by Brexit, says report

Ah - we wondered where the blame for government failings would shift when we couldn’t blame the EU any more. Onto Brexit, of course!
Brexit didn’t create a gap. Brexit doesn’t do anything. It is itself a creation of the government.
Why can’t they just say “UK government failed to legislate to protect wildlife”?


“Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the waves!”

“Wider still and wider, may thy bounds be set! God who made thee Mighty make thee Mightier yet!”

Britain’s Overseas Territories:

British Antarctic Territory.
British Indian Ocean Territory.
British Virgin Islands.
Cayman Islands.
Falkland Islands.
And bits of Space.


This is all pathetic. And if bojo thinks we’re all going to be chums again, he’s on a different planet. The civil war divided the nation for centuries and so will Brexit.

Not even one working day in and Johnson is already going back on his own agreements (LPF was in the PD) and blaming the EU for doing so.

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Hi Cat,

You do realise that by using the ‘term Brexshit(e) it makes you sound about 10’ :wink:
‘It’s happened and you need to make the best of it’ :crazy_face:
Many thanks for listening to my Brexiteer rant :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I happened to hear some of Johnson’s speech (I wouldn’t normally listen to him, of course - but happened to be somewhere it was on for a few minutes).

While I was there the distortion of the truth Dunt is talking about was obvious - Johnson really laboured the point that in many areas UK standards were already higher then EU standards - true, but true of almost every EU member state, since EU standards are only meant to be a common minimum that member states are expected to build on according to their own priorities - and he completely missed the point that they are a minimum guaranteed by international treaty (to provide the proverbial level playing field) and therefore have to be built into a future trade deal to prevent future unilateral changes.


Rishi Sunak was on Breakfast this morning saying the same thing - which had me shouting at the set that a) if we are already better than the EU we did not need to leave to “get better standards” and b) shouting at the interviewer (Dan Walker IIRC) for not picking this up.

Oh and he was spouting tripe claiming it was “unusual” for trade deals to involve alignment - disingenuous at best.

Johnson has a problem of image already and I think he should try not to make it worse.
Just about every country in the world has negotiated with the EU, many of them quite recently. Not one of those countries, AFAIK, has ever questioned the EU’s good faith. Negotiations seem to have been conducted with integrity and respect on both sides.
Trump on the other hand is widely seen as a less trustworthy negotiating partner, and the world is waiting to see how close to Trump Johnson wants to get.
Every time Johnson starts shouting about bad faith and broken promises, the presumption, without investigating the facts, is going to be: if one side is up to dirty tricks, it’s more likely to be the UK than the EU.
In fact, if the EU was that way inclined, it could capitalise on this by pulling a trick or two, knowing that in any public spat over who lied and who reneged, popular opinion would automatically blame “Johnson”.
And this isn’t going to help the UK with its future negotiations. A hard but scrupulously fair, reasonable and disciplined negotiating partner is treated with far greater respect than a blustering pot-stirrer.

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Johnson is playing to the 52% - I don’t think he cares what the rest of us (or the EU) think.

In fact he probably figures that there is not much in practice between a limited deal not covering services and full blown WTO so expect the latter at the end of the year.

It’s being dressed up so people don’t notice (again!) - it’s now the “Australia deal”.

I guess you’re right. Johnson and his 52 per cent bunkered down on small island that doesn’t care how the rest of the world views it, wow that is bravado.

Big problem… there is no Australia deal… it just doesn’t exist!
looks like he’s been at the expensive (£160+ per bottle) plonk again.
Pound dropping through the floor again.
@barrie_wildsmith seems quiet :crazy_face:

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It’s just another way of saying no deal without actually uttering the words “no deal”

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So he can now blame Australia :crazy_face:

So @barrie_wildsmith - explain where the democracy exists here…

That is so shocking! Plus then using a civil servant to do the briefing. If you are excluding people then it is a political meeting, and civil servants should not be involved. What’s he going to wreck next?.

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Very pleased to hear the remaining journalists walked out.

It will be most frustrating for the government if the press does not pass on it’s message.

I hope the press do scrutinise what they are told rather than simply passing on the message.