Anglo Info does it again

I am totally and utterly amazed, once again, at the idiots that are appointed to run Anglo Info.

I placed a posting this afternoon on the Midi-Pyrénées North website, the posting was as follows, in the general category

Easter Bonanza chez Chats du Quercy
Situated on opposite sides of the Tarn et Garonne, the Chats du Quercy Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Miramont de Quercy and the little Cat Charity Shop in St Antonin Noble Val both WELCOME YOU for a special Easter weekend
Open ALL weekend, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5pm, at the Rescue Centre, come along see how we work, see the cats for adoption and visit our sale of items new and old, with decorations, games, jewelry, clothes, shoes, lots of books, tombola, children’s activities and cat toys - relax with a cuppa and a cake while you wander around!!
At the Shop – a new event to start Spring !
On Easter Saturday [11 a.m. to 2pm] our talented guitarist Jon Katz has kindly offered to play a session for us - out in the sunshine if weather permits. Come and enjoy a glass of bubbly and mini chocolate eggs. Lots of new things to buy in our boutique - from cards, gifts and Gîte furnishings/decoration - to beautiful jewelry, shoes and handbags - and of course 100's of very cheap modern paperbacks at unbelievably low prices. It is just fun to come and see what bargain you can find, and you never know what we have as the stock changes daily and all donated by cat-lovers!
Looking forward to seeing you....

Nothing contenscious I don't think? I return home to this message -
Dear Quercy Cats,
I am afraid I can't allow your posting as although it is for a charity it is self-promoting. Someone else can post saying that they have heard about it.
I'll put it in What's On as there are no such restrictions.
Zoe Whittaker

Ok so it will be in the "what's on", but there are so many other posts like ours, which I do not begrudge but it makes me furious. Of course it is self promoting, how else will we get people to come along?

Rant and rave over, needless to say, I will not bother in future!

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Well Lynn you are a braver person that I or more patient anyway....I wouldnt keep my cool in the face of gross stupidity!

Smiley Like!!

I can think of a few choice words for said dumpers but sadly none suitable for two gorgeous boys!

Black and Tan

2 little boys doing fine thanks Catherine, any ideas for appropriate names?? I'm running out of inspiration! I suppose if one had been a girl it could have been Megan!!

Just nuts - as you say, neutering cats doesn't stop according to postcode!

How are the dumped moggies doing? They look adorable.

If you do this with AI Carol, you just get barred and your account deleted - I know from experience! I have to believe that if our advice touches just one person then we've helped a little, which is why I continue trying but these occasions get more and more rare.

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Ask the question....why. I drive a lot of people nuts with asking why....but its the only way you get an answer. Its a case of asking why...getting an answer and then asking why again....eventually most people will actually start to think why they do something....or why a rule exists that makes absolutely no sense at all....bit of self examination does no harm at all.

To a point yes. In this case, I don't see a problem with your post and it could have been left, but the webmaster must have the choice to delete / edit posts as they see fit. They pay for the hosting, maintain the site etc - it is their site. Moderators are a different kettle of fish and I have been the victim of over zealous moderators in the past, who consider a particular forum to be for their point of view and no one else!

Webmasters have an obligation to their members to be fair when moderating and site members have an equal obligation to abide by the site rules.

As has been previously mentioned, if the rules don't suit you, then don't post. The webmaster will either have to change the rules or lose members. Their choice.

I find it total arrogance that the so called webmasters choose what is and isn't of interest to their subscribers, surely it is up to them to make up their own minds?

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Nothing has changed then :-) AI still sticking religiously to "the rules".

Whatever happened to reading the post and considering it to be of use to site member's? Far easier to just delete the post.

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You bother because you feel there are still a few people watching that forum that might be interested in what you have to day. Its a shame the fascist that runs it couldn't care less about anything other than their sacred "Terms and Conditions". I had a go wading through some of them and stopped when I discovered that ANY humour or jokes postings would be breaking the rules.

How many A.I. moderators does it take to change a light bulb? Answers to be submitted to A.I. Worldwide headquarters!!!

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I recently broke my pact and placed a discussion post on AI Midi pyrénées and Dordogne (we are just 1 hour from Dordogne border)

My discussion was removed from the dordogne site for the following reasons-

"AngloINFO Ltd is very specific that postings should be local and relevant to the AngloINFO region you are posting in. As ChatsQuercy is outside the Dordogne Region your posting was correctly placed in the Non-local category which is the only place where non-local topics can be discussed with AngloINFO Dordogne members.
I am sorry to disappoint you and hope you will appreciate that making exceptions locally, even for charity organisations, is against AngloINFO's terms and conditions"

I wouldn't mind, but the topic of my posting??? Neutering of cats!

Apparently if you live in the Dordogne you won't be interested in this as it is not a local issue!!!

Why do I bother?

Ive had some irritations with them too...and have received very amateur emails like the one you received...which I tend to reply to with a degree of thats not entirely true...deeply sarcastic is nearer the mark...amazingly thick skinned whoever they are...and not the you have discovered yourself...

I wouldn't mind if it was across the board Edward. I am all for rules and regs but apply them to everyone - not the select few. In this instance I forwarded many other 'similar' posts that are displayed and stay there.

I take your point but lets have some consistency!

It is amazing the amount of interest this post has created. SO Many complaints about Anglo Info you have to wonder how they survive?

One lady contacted me as she had replied to a post looking to employ someone for gardening, her reply simply said to contact as she was interested - it was removed as being off topic - DUH!!!!!

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I've just had the following post removed. It was in response to the question "Can you eat your own food on Ryanair" or some such. In addition to my post a number of contributors had made gently humorous remarks.

"I'm fairly sure that if you look on the in-seat card in front of you there is a note to the effect that the consumption of food other than that sold to you on-board is prohibited. How this would be enforced I have no idea. In a pub they can show you the door. A parachute? I was told by the local anti- terrorist officer during the IRA bombing campaign that plastic explosive is not dissimilar to marzipan so perhaps Battenberg Cake wouldn't get through the security screen.

All wiped off along with the now familiar admonishment "You must not post off-topic comments to postings on the discussions - replies must respond directly to the original question or matter under discussion. If you have a new subject to discuss, perhaps one inspired or influenced by this topic but not specific to it, then you may create a new discussion for that purpose."

No humour whatsoever.

You are right of course that they should not create an exception. However, I don't think anyone is asking for special dispensation here. The should change the rule and they should loosen up a bit. We have the same problems with AI in Brittany and I have read similar posts on other AI franchises in France.

errh? Need a 'like' button!!