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I'm looking for any suggestions as to how to improve any aspect of the Survive France Network.

Anything at all!

I've made this suggestion box anonymous so feel free to be as open and honest as you like. (Please be kind though, we have feelings too!) Thanks, James (SFN Community Manager)

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Fearful now that somebody will inform me that half a tash is some sort of insult in itself. :/

The funny thing is, is that one doesn't (at least I didn't and I'm a strongly 'visual' person)...notice the lack of half a moustache etc. at first.....It must be down to the fact the one's brain is fully absorbed by trying to figure out the exaggerated facial expression....that it fills in the missing part, initially that is....weird indeed !

It is a bit weird aint it.

Errrm .....

'A nod's as good as a wink to a blind horse ?'.....

I don't recommend the odd facial topiary, Carl.....don't do it !

Just in case you were unsure Paul... I was making a joke mate.

I hoped the wink might have given that away

Don't confuse me. I'm still trying to work out the "I wasn't/didn't......"

See original image

Oh dear....

A quote from Hilary's post a little earlier:

"....I can't recall anyone being 'slapped down' by someone in a 'clique'....Valerie...we're fundamentally nice people, I think..."

I guess she was right.

perhaps I'm demonstrating my sensitive side ..... or maybe my info is rubbish.

Well we didn't want to say anything but.....

Superb music, superb 'whistle and flute' from Eddie K.

Time for a 'musical interlude', I think .....?

I'll bow to your experience Peter. I've only been on this website for about 5 minutes (relatively speaking)... so most of my angst is from experiences elsewhere (although I have replied a couple of times to postings here - without any acknowledgment). Erm...perhaps I'm demonstrating my sensitive side ..... or maybe my info is rubbish.

I've always found people polite enough to acknowledge any info given. You'll always get the occasional member who can't be bothered tho' they are few and far between I find.

Can I waive the anonymity of the suggestion tin, and suggest that SFN encourage replies from people who have asked for advice.

I find it very annoying when people post a message, requesting information and opinion from other members, who then don't show the common courtesy of an acknowledgement.

Not sure how you can enforce this, but I take the view that if someone has been good enough to take the time to help you by sharing their experiences - information you have requested - then at least you can make the effort of pressing the reply button and give your fingers some exercise. It's just good manners...

It certainly discourages me from responding - which, of course, defeats the object of being a member of a social network.

It's all in your mind, Paul.

(Mine, too.)

Oh bum, thought you'd know what it meant.

Anyway, just accept the fact you're fabulous. You don't need any other labels.


Beats me. I'm still trying to work out if I'm inferior, superior or whether it's just my crazy imagination.

Unsure what I wasn't/didn't refers to. Possibly meant for Paul so I'll leave that for him.

I completely agree that we're lucky to have a group of nice if not wonderful people on SFN but unfortunately enough people have experienced being mocked, dismissed or received harsh criticism for it to have become a problem. Those types of behaviour come under the umbrella of being slapped down. I hope explains it a little more clearly.

I wasn't/didn't......Just to summarise, it comes down to people being over sensitive and lacking a sense of humour (as I said previously)....and objecting to the more lengthy entries in discussions and their point of view....

I can't recall anyone being 'slapped down' by someone in a 'clique'....Valerie...we're fundamentally nice people, I think...

Errhh Hilary, my brain hurts...