Anonymous suggestion tin!

Nicely nipped in the bud.

Interesting but perhaps a little off point? You say, "It's a conversation ... ignore it or JOIN IN" and assumed that people who object to these conversations/debate may have IIC.

As Terry's summary of what has been learned says, "They no longer feel able to contribute a comment because they fear that one of the “clique”, as some call it, will slap them down". That indicates some may have indeed tried to participate but were perhaps met with a dismissive or sarcastic responses so they withdrew. I don't perceive that as a feeling of inferiority. I feel it's a refusal to accept certain types of behaviour.

And now this page itself is going off point. It's for people easily to be able to find the green link so they can give feedback.

Erm…. fair enough. Just out of curiosity, where do you position yourself in this analysis?

Of course it exists all over the place....some thoughts on this.......

“Inferiority complex begins when you agree that you are nothing. No one is responsible or author of it except yourself.”
Dr Paul Gitwaza

“Remember you don't own people, let them decide, choose and live. There is no inferiority and superiority; it is just your crazy imagination.”
M.F. Moonzajer

"We should not be astonished if in the cases where we see an inferiority [feeling] complex we find a superiority complex more or less hidden. On the other hand, if we inquire into a superiority complex and study its continuity, we can always find a more or less hidden inferiority [feeling] complex."[Adler.

Just as well you haven't got one... I might have said a lot more.

Thanks John. Strangely enough i had been thinking about this today, and had a look at the HSBC website. I shall be applying next week. The problem in UK, is the newer legislation to open an account now.

@ Paul - if we had a like button I'd have activated it :)

What? IIC :slight_smile:

Intellectual inferiority complex.........who knew?

I have a UK HEBC account with about a hundred quid in it Stephen :slight_smile: I opened it when I lived in Dubai and banked with HSBC there. No issue at the time and the account address is my French address.I sold a boat in the UK a couple of years ago and used the UK account to transfer around 120K to an Irish bank account I have, no issue and no questions about where the cash had come from. I also bank with HSBC here. Maybe you should open a HSBC account here and use that as leverage. HEBC pride themselves on being international.

The last I heard from Brian was he had a pile of work to do within a two week slot so I should imagine he's up to his neck in paperwork, hence his not posting recently (although possibly dreaming of the Bahamas - I would be).

Remember, peeps, any suggestions you have as to how SFN could be improved, what you'd like to see, what would interest you (or not) etc etc can all be posted on James's green link above


You sound as though you need a have one..and enjoy it...but please return ....

Yours (and Brian's online personalities), will be missed, so please don't disappear for ever.....I wondered why there were no comment from Brian on all this....I just supposed he was having a break 'sunning himself' in the Bahamas ! (or some such)......

Like you, I don't 'get', the same old people 'banging on' argument....It's a conversation, that sometimes addresses serious issues, with a bit of humorous banter thrown into the 'mix'.....Ignore it or JOIN IN ?

I can only assume that objections to this kind of conversation/debate, are made by people who have some sort of 'intellectual inferiority' complex.....but would of course, never admit to it...... Ignore 'em !

Well, I am somewhat surprised and I had no intentions of returning but Dan Woods comments have forced a last rejoinder.

No reverse psychology here Dan, but no desire for anonymity either. I stand or fall on what I say openly as many will attest. I am and never have been anonymous in any way on SFN.

I would like to add just one more thing and then I am gone. My decision was not altogether made on my own personal feelings. I am not a child and I can take any and all insults addressed to me provided they were 'on-topic' and not gratuitous.

However more to the point and I don't think he will thank me for this, and I certainly have not been appointed his champion, have been the increasing insults (gratuitous in my view) against Brian Milne. Nobody has had more robust disagreements than me with him on a host of things, but in my view having Brian here has been the heartbeat of this site. He doesn't talk in soundbites as too many others do, but uses language, knowledge and above all checkable facts to address and support his viewpoint.

CathArine has just reiterated in my view the same, now tiresome mantra, of the 'same old people banging on, leaving no space for others'. Well, I haven't noted any restrictions being placed against anybody joining in, or is that something I have missed? Plus as the owner of the site perhaps you should have been demoting those of us who thought we were participating in an online 'after dinner conversation' you often refer to?

Well, I recognise that I am 'one of the same old people banging on' and I don't think I will be missed at all, but of you lose Brian in a like manner then SFN will truly lose its prime mover. Note I have not spoken about this to Brian, so am not making any suggestions at all about his behaviour now or in the future. Just how I see it.

That's it, I'm outta here.

Terry - I will be cheering Wales on this afternoon!

Quite, David,

No one is forcing anyone to join in discussions,if they'd rather not.....and anyone is free to comment, what ever his/her opinion, surely ('that is Democracy, folks !' queue American accent, not sure why...)

As for occasionally, long-winded 'reminiscences'.....they reflect a person's life-experience and I for one have found them to be entertaining...but if you don't,... then, get yourself another drink (mine's a half a Guinness & blackcurrant, for my iron levels) and go and watch the darts match...)....'Simple'...

Stay Norman. I wouldn’t say I agree with a lot of your comments, but it would be a real shame if you felt you had to leave.

I just don't love you as much Carl :)

Hang on a cotton picking minute... She never wished ME a lovely weekend David.

Oh no need to stand in the corner! And I do think that other members will contribute more going forward. Here's hoping....

Have a lovely weekend xx

I'll go and stand in the corner Catharine. Wish I could do those puncticons they're far nicer than those hideous facebook things. Perhaps if the nice members contributed more it would be them banging on.