Another disgusting Tory MP

Indeed, and a very vociferous one at that. How could anybody vote for such a man?


Happily, people have started voting in MPs that aren’t Tory. These scandals do seem to affect mostly right leaning MPs :thinking:


We need to bring back contact counselling for people that behave like arseholes.

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When I first heard this a few days ago the sexual allegations were far more explicit and far more disgusting. No mention of that now, I wonder where that has gone.

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Despicable little turd.


Now he’s been suspended for 6 weeks which probably means another by-election.

First anniversary present for poor Rishi.

And tonight, another tory porker arrested for rape Crisin Blunt.

And so it goes on…

Not as clear cut as that with respect to him :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Tory MP Crispin Blunt arrested on suspicion of rape


I stand corrected! suspicion of rape…!

In my book though, any self respecting man in his sixties - let alone an MP - should never be in a position to be even considered near drugs and/or a rape situation. So yes, in my book, as he his a piece of dog sh*t - guilty until proven innocent :rofl:

I’m guessing you may be younger than me @Adam1, because the older I get the more I am nervous around younger (and at 80 that is almost all of them I am in regular contact with) women and the ease with which an innocent touch can have catastrophic consequences. If my hand so much as touches another’s under the body of my wife as we are lifting her I move it as soon as possible. They sometimes comfort me with a hand around the shoulders if I am stressed, I appreciate the gesture but keep my hands firmly to myself.

So, I disagree with you and think that despite the old adage about smoke and fire (both can be unpredictable) I prefer to wait to see what is proven in due course.

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I hope you are never in a position of being accused of anything as your justice system would be hell for anyone accused of anything.
Whether he is a Tory politician or not it is up to the police and the CPS to decide if he has done anything wrong or it is an attempt at extortion, so innocent until proven guilty, not the trash media view of the other way round.


David, I would be absolutely horrified if anyone in a carer situation would accuse you of anything. It just woud not happen as demonstrated to you by those giving you a ‘comfort hug’.

Touching is one thing and suspected rape another. To be associated with the latter means that things have gone quite far, especially if suspicious substances are involved, and even more so if a +60 MP is involved. As Griffen says, the CPS will have weighed things up quite carefully.

I am not the least bit worried being close to strange women. I think I know the opposite sex very well. If an introductory kiss is involved, I never hold a woman at the same time unless I know her well. I often kiss the back of their hands, but maintain a distance, I am comfortable giving a woman a compliment. It is all about respect and importantly, conveying the respect. Maybe one day, it will backfire, but a fiver says that it will not!

Please do not let your caution take you over, especially as you are naturally around women a lot.

When you do la bise you don’t touch the other person other than their cheek touching yours and you certainly don’t hug them or anything unless they are a super old friend and even then it would only be a hand on bicep or shoulder type thing.
Obv entre hommes you can snog and hug away like billyo.

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I think when you get to my age that is often the only way to stay upright, steadying both of us at the same time. Happened to me in a shop just yesterday, met Lulu the widow of an old friend, both French, and we often meet in places like the butcher’s. One hand on the shoulder from both of us seems most natural. :smile:

What I was talking about was this rather unnatural to me relationship between me and the myriad younger females that come into the house every day. Complicated by the very friendly and jokey first name situation between us but set against the faint master servant feeling I have about it, and which doesn’t sit well with me.

That’s useful to know - I’d normally put a hand on a shoulder for the sake of alignment and steadiness (no-one wants to bump heads if you wobble a little).

Interesting. Maybe it’s just where you are, because my experience is that women almost always touch my upper arm or shoulder.

It’s entirely possible I’m irresistible, of course, and women can’t keep their hands off me.

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I expect that’s what it is :slightly_smiling_face: it may also just be me, none of my family are particularly tactile.

That is very reassuring as I thought it was only me and my family.
I think a handshake is fine for both men and women and a peck on the cheek for close family and that’s it.
I find English men in France who have quickly adopted hugs and kisses to almost strangers disgusting, especially when aimed at my wife. For the record my wife thinks the same.
Touchy feeley, yuk.