Anti Covid Vaccinations and Covid 'Passport

Has anyone had their two Anti Covid vaccinations elsewhere than France (eg UK) and hoped to have them added to the record of vaccinations on their Carte Vitale?

A few days ago I approached my local Pharmacy to update my Carte Vitale and thought I’d take the opportunity to include my record of vaccinations. I received both my recant anti Covid vaccinations overseas (not India). The Pharmacist was as helpful as she could be but was at a loss how it could be done. She suggested the my local GP or the local hospital. The later directed me to the local Covid Centre.

At the Covid centre the receptionist said flatly that overseas vaccinations are not recognised. This was in spite of my certificate, signed by the administering GP, with full details of the vaccinations, down to the batch number. Nothing would dissuade the receptionist.

So I foolishly asked if then I could get the two anti Covid vaccinations a second time. Again she said flatly no.

So I asked what else I could do and her answer was to 'talk to the Consulate of the country in which i had received the vaccinations. So I asked what help would that be and her response was blank…

Surely there are others in France who received their anti Covid vaccinations in say the UK and were hoping to have the fact listed in their Carte Vitale, like any routine medication?

They will recognise each other’s proofs of vaccs next 2-3 months I suspect. Unless next wave is a disaster. But won’t integrate in app or allow vaccs done in one country to be entered into another country’s app.

France app TousAntiCovid etc.on the other hand will integrate with rest of EU - EU apps working on recognising each others’ QR codes out of the apps. Thus avoiding the language difficulty.

We might get a surprise and UK NHS app might start spitting out a QR code that can be read by EU apps and at EU borders. But I’m not holding my breath.

Even tougher for the US who don’t seem to have developed any universal means by which their vaccs can be proven.

Alec… did you get your vaccinations in another EU country??

No Stella - in one of the UK’s better colonies…

It may sound daft but is it worth getting jabbed in France, you could have both jabs in 3 weeks - I can see other options taking months to resolve.

I was wondering the same, but I wouldn’t have thought that there are many, if any doctors willing to take a chance that its safe enough (I think it should be, but probably not much research into having jabs yet)

I asked the receptionist that - flat refusal - no explanation!

I’d have thought it was like having an extra booster - especially if the first two vaccinations were many months in the past. Indeed i believe future booster vaccinations are planned, like annual flu vaccinations…

Ask at the pharmacy for the johnson and johnson vaccine, it is only one jab, they are not to know if you have had a vaccination unless you tell them.
I know of a few folks who don’t yet have their CDS and are registered with the French health system yet and were not refused, cost 7.50 euro.

You could just sign up for more jabs via, Doctolib.

I understand your frustration, but reckon the receptionist at the Covid centre gave you the best suggestion she could… I doubt she has come across many folk (if any) in your situation re vaccinations done in other countries.

Did you ever manage to discuss this with your Doctor ???

I’d say there is not enough data on either boosters nor mixing vaccines and that you should speak to your own doctor…

Hi Alec.

The UK, for probably ideological reasons, have not aligned with the EU system. So I’d write off the jabs you’ve had there from an EU Covid passport point of view.

That’s the bad news, the good news is it would seem the more jabs you have the better (warning: I’m not qualified to say any of this, it’s only my well researched opinion). Do your own research and decide if you want to get jabbed again.

My wife and I have had two AZs but we’ll also have a Pfizer on an upcoming trip. Boosters are on the way, including a third AZ dose.

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Any idea on this one guys - someone returning to France, had covid so only 1 vaccination. What proof do they give or would they have to isolate?

just wondering what his Attestation/Passport actually says… since there is a clear understanding that someone who’s had covid will only need/get one jab…


(Nombre dans une série de vaccins/doses: mine says 2/2 as I needed 2 doses, but perhaps in his case his says 1/1)

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Seems to say they will accept NHS vaccination letter / certificate

And French side:

Someone was asking on Twitter and updated the thread there saying all went well at the border.

I’m still waiting for the paper confirmation letters to arrive, despite requesting them a week ago (paper continues to work where phone signals don’t reach).

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I’d also be interested to know if anybody has experience getting only their first jab abroad and the second in France?

My partner is due to join me in France in a month or two and so far she’s had one dose of Pfizer in the UK via the NHS and will be due the second more or less when she’s due to leave.

The original plan was just to get both doses via the NHS but now I’m wondering if it would be more appropriate for her do hold out and try and get the second dose here in France with the thinking that this will still entitle her to the EU vaccine passport/status.

Maybe it won’t make that much difference in the long term but I have had both my doses here in France so I was thinking that it would be easier if we both had the same records on paper etc

To be honest, I think she’s be better getting them both in the same place as France accepts the NHS documents anyway. She’d run the risk of being seen as partically vaccinated in each place otherwise. However, I haven’t been in that situation so have no personal experience and perhaps someone else will have!

Take a look at the requirements for travel from UK to France, for your partner.

I think getting jabbed, waiting 2 weeks, then travelling to France waving the “complete Vaccination” document… might be the wisest move.

These difficult times… getting doubly vaccinated (where necessary) is best done sooner rather than later.


I have a different EU covid passport problem. I have just downloaded it only to find that it is in my maiden name whereas my UK passport is in my married name. As I’m flying to Germany on Wednesday I’m at a bit of a loss and don’t know what to do. My carte de séjour shows both names so I’m hoping this will be sufficient proof that I am who I say I am. Has anyone experienced the same problem? The Ameli forum is seething with others in a similar situation but apparently this is something the EU states have agreed on and there’s no changing it. Suggestions welcome…