Any cheerful news today? (Nothing negative please! 🙂)

I am 21 and 24 years older than 2 of my uncles :grin:


My family is a bit like that, dad and his nephew were similar ages, with the nephew younger by a few years.

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I lie watching these guys, but tend to put my hand over the screen at times! :relieved:

When these seals are chased and caught can be upsetting to watch, but the stress/pain that may be felt by these seals during these ordeals is thoroughly worth it. This is ‘tough love’.

These guys do not have any veterinary resources but they rescue these seals from the most awful entanglements which only takes a few minutes to cut away, to prevent many, many lingering deaths.

You can see from this photo how bad it can get. This seal was released from its torture successfully and went splashing back into the sea as soon as its blue plastic ‘necklace’ was cut away.


IT’S RAINING - big splodgy drops. :grin: :grin: :grin:


Wow… we dined-out yesterday… first time since 2019.
Our favourite Perigueux restaurant came up trumps.

Pass Sanitaire (paper) scanned successfully…
Then two glorious hours relaxing in their garden, munching on delicious this and that…
with the odd slurp, of course … :wink:


Looks lovely Stella - wish it was closer. :slight_smile:

Now then @SuePJ
thought you were made of sterner stuff… :rofl:

We drove to Paris for a meal (some years ago).
The owner was delighted/astounded when he found out just how far away we lived… we simply shrugged it off … :rofl:

The meal was fabulous and we slept at a friend’s home just down the road…
Of course, it wasn’t really just for the meal (with our Paris car club pals)
it was en route to The Channel Tunnel … and we’d booked a crossing for the next day.


Just looked at the menu @Stella , and I’m drooling. There is absolutely nothing on that menu that I would not absolutely love. I’m jealous. I’m in the UK and soon about to go to my favourite restaurant here, so that makes me feel a little better.

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As I said… first time in so long… and well worth it.

Many restaurants have closed/fallen by the wayside due to covid/health problems and I’m so relieved that this one has managed to stay afloat.

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This is what I wake up to each morning, and the reason we bought the house.


How lovely… you chose well :hugs:

Pharmacy ‘phoned late this afternoon to say they had a dose of vaccine going spare…. Third dose done & dusted!


Menu looks lovely!!!

I’m going to book here for dh’s birthday in a few weeks with some friends so I can spy on my son :rofl: :rofl:

I’ve nipped to McDo and BK (today)the odd time and ds2 and I went for a chinese buffet lunch in teh summer but not been to a real restaurant since pre covid! Never something that we doo regularly but usually at least birthdays / anniversary etc. Ohhh talking of it is my wedding anniversary in a week or so so maybe can go then as well :rofl: :rofl:

I think I have finally settled in here in France - yesterday at the Barbers he asked “comme d’habitude?” (= the usual?)

Life will be so much easier from now on as I don’t have to try and fumble my way to explain “short back & sides” !


Mine is the opposite, leave the sides long enough to comb towards the back. But it is many years since I first had to nod to ‘comme d’hab?’

We have just been to the hairdressers this morning and Jim had his usual hair and eyebrow cut.
I have changed my style and now we both understand what I want.
A shorter cut for me, but not severe and with short curls at the back.