Any rock-oriented musicians living in or around Paris?

I’m an amateur rock/metal guitarist who enjoys a fully equipped recording studio in my basement and would like to meet people in the Paris area (or anyone living 20km to the east where I live) who’d like to get together once in a while to learn and play cover songs and eventually get into some original songwriting/recording. Not looking for anything serious, just would like to ‘jam’ for the fun of it.

I can play guitar, bass and drums, and can do backup harmony vocals where needed.


Most of us live well away from Paris.
Try putting an add in FUSAC which is more Paris based.


Thanks Wozza, I’m actually planning to get well away from Paris soon too. Looking in the Vinca / Rigarda area near Perpignan. Was about to put on offer on a villa last Nov, but the government stopped my bank from giving me a loan because of the ‘Taux d’Usure’. Will wait until after the summer.

I was hoping there’d be an anglophone rock musician in the area lurking here. Oh well, thanks for the link anyway.


Just had another thought, I’ve heard that AngloINFO (expat forum) is up and running again, so maybe in Paris too. Worth a try.

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I know about AngloINFO, used it 20 years ago when I first arrived. Hooked up with different groups, all French musicians who either only wanted to play radio top 40 songs, or very poor quality originals.

No interest in Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath or anything like that. Just songs like Proud Mary or Smells Like Teen Spirit and the like - pretty much what you’d get during Fête de La Musique.

Most of them had to play with sheet music in front of them, instead of just learning the songs by heart. I couldn’t stand it. And one or two would constantly look at themselves in a mirror while playing (many of the rehearsal studios around Paris had mirror walls), instead of getting into the groove with the rest of the band. Very disheartening.


Only trying to help. I can only play a comb and a fag paper.
Years ago I could knock out on few tunes on a guitar mostly folk Bob Dylan and the like. I sang too but equally to the same musical talent.

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I appreciate you having taken the time to respond. I’ll probably wait until I get down south. The area I’m planning to move to is home to many anglophone ex-pats, so maybe I’ll have better luck in rooting out a Maiden fan down there!


Musicians dans ta ville is one resource you may find helpful.

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I bet they thought the song was about them.


Are you referencing Taylor Swift or who I immediately thought of as a 53 year old, Carly Simon - You’re So Vain? Carly Simon - You're So Vain - YouTube

The latter :slightly_smiling_face:


Such a shame when one has to explain! :slight_smile:

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I didn’t even know about the Taylor Swift song until I did a search. Just wanted to make sure and happy at the confirmation. :wink:

Being in a band is like being married to multiple people, isn’t it? I’ve played with some really good musicians but organising gigs and rehearsals was often like herding cats :joy:. Then there were the personalities to manage. I discovered Logic Pro X and virtual instruments during Covid. Much easier way of making music, but I do miss playing live!

You want to try organising a Morris side. I don’t dance, but several bandmates do, and they had an almighty falling-out over inclusivity to the point where various ex-members won’t talk to each other.


Being Austrian is great - I can say “I’m sorry, but I just can’t dance like that - it’s not in my culture” :rofl:

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How many people are there in a Morris side? Is it fixed? Do they all have the Hobby Horse? Is it the same person each time?

And they’re armed with sticks, aren’t they? I suppose not speaking was the best outcome you could have hoped for!