Anyone fancy 19 hours on a plane?


(stella wood) #1

Having suffered 90 mins on Ryanair… I am not up for anything longer… and yet… it might be wonderfully comfortable… and what an experience to tell the kids about :upside_down_face::thinking:

(Mandy Davies) #2

Absolutely not.

I went to Australia in 1993 and that was a total flight time of 25 hours stopping about half way at Kuala Lumpur for about 3 hours. All in all, door-to-door it was about 37 hours travelling with no sleep as I discovered I can’t sleep on planes during that trip. :tired_face: The single worst journey of my life. I spent the entire 3 weeks there dreading the return leg.

(stella wood) #3

good grief…my longest flight was to Canada… forgotten how long… but I read War and Peace from cover to cover… :roll_eyes::relaxed:

(Ken Wheatley) #4

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(Timothy Cole) #5

I love flying but not sure I’d want to do 19 hours, happy to do 9/10 going to the US though.

This flight has no economy seats and the cheapest return fare is £1000 so I doubt any plebs would be on board Ken.

(Torre Thompson ) #6

I have been to New Zealand 5 times now and Heathrow to Singapore is about 15 hours so unless you are in first class it gets to much after about 12 hours, might be something to do with planes air conditioning. You still get plebs with money.

(stella wood) #7

(did you edit your flagged post yet, Ken?)

(Ken Wheatley) #8

Only just opened the computer. I’m amazed at the reaction. What on earth has happened to humour?

(Timothy Cole) #9

Humour is alive and well here Ken it’s just what you said (with respect) wasn’t very funny. You offended me as I always fly economy which makes me a ‘pleb’, ruined my evening - had a row with wife, kicked the imaginary dog and stormed off to the spare room without saying goodnight.

(Ken Wheatley) #10

There you are you see, humour! Have to agree about kicking the dog but then again I’m a cat lover! There was no offense intended. Please apologise to your wife for me. I suppose she has to fly economy with you!!! I was raised in East London, post war, so I’m hardly rubbing shoulders with the likes of Branson am I?

(Ken Wheatley) #11

Been around the world several times. Yes you do still get ‘plebs’ in 1st but obviously a much better class of ‘plebs’!! Ah well, another deletion coming up!!

(Mandy Davies) #12

You may want to learn the art of the emoji for when you are attempting humour. It’s so hard to get the tone of a post right and I find this help. Just a cheeky winking face usually works or a raised eyebrow etc. :wink::face_with_raised_eyebrow::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::kissing_smiling_eyes:

(stella wood) #13

'Nuff said…

(stella wood) #14

On the other hand… I believe there is possibly a “new” Concorde coming on-line which will cut the London/New York flight to just about 1 hour :open_mouth::open_mouth:

(Ken Wheatley) #15

Thanks for the advice but I won’t be taking it up. I appreciate your motives so will try to explain why. Often, when people make sly or insulting remarks they use the emoji to pretend that it’s only fun and if you take it the wrong way then it’s your fault! In addition I have found that some people when they see the emoji they then insult you by saying “putting an emoji on the end doesn’t mean anything, you are trying to con me”!
I may be a cynical and for genuine and honest folk they work but even on this site I have seen exactly what I have referred too.
I much prefer the very honest approach such as the response to my post by Timothy Cole. He didn’t like what I said and said so. That gives me a chance to explain my actions. No, slyness or insult simply an honest reply. That is what I like, there is no need for insults or innuendo.
Thank you, in any event, for your suggestion.

(Catharine Higginson) #16

Ha ha - yes :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #17


Free speech police…x :slight_smile:

(Chris Kite) #18

(Peter Austen) #19

I just wish they’d have a family cabin with all the younger children, & not have children at every bulkhead crying for long periods.

(Jane Williamson) #20

It is the appalling way you are treated at the airport that puts us off and the news that the plastic trays that you put your stuff in are dirtier than toilet handles doesn’t help.
Nineteen hours sounds appalling.