Anyone know what this is?

Hi everyone.

Any idea what this is? It looks darker in the picture and there seem to be quite a few hibernating in the window frames. We are in South Burgundy. They are a green-dusky colour about 1.5 cm.


It’s a form of shield bug I think… they are all over the place… not sure if this is the one that bites… :roll_eyes:

I sweep them up and chuck them out (well away)… so, do that or crunch them if you are feeling so inclined.

Thank you Stella. I will go with the chucking! :grinning:

Wishing you a very happy 2019! :fireworks:

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Punaise de jardin, poor creatures, put them in a woodpile or somewhere they won’t die. There’s no need to kill them.


I have difficulty killing anything… but folk who are having problems with these insects ravaging certain plants… mmm… they might find it easier to “top 'em”

We call them ‘smelly bugs’ for the obvious reason, always blame them if I get a bit of wind after eating OH’s curry.:grinning:

I believe it is a “pine seed bug”; harmless apparently, but can swarm given the right conditions. We have lots of pine trees around our property and these pine tree bugs turn up in the autumn, catching the last of the sunshine and have never been a problem. They move very slowly, easy to pick up and place outside if they manage to get inside the house.

Chris Batch.

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They are punaise. We are in South Burgundy too and we have alsomhad an infestation of them.
If you squash them they smell of bitter almonds.
They are not dangerous.

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Loads here too, never seen so many in Winter. We also have had, for the first time, Le Capricorne, now that is something that I really don’t want to see inside !

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Capricorne are protected, ironically enough!

Surely not.
We had them in our old thinner beams.
We had to spray as well.
They can cause real damage as their escape holes can be as thick as a pencil.

I think it depends on the variety…

Le Grand Capricorne du chêne - Cerambyx cerdo - Coléoptère Cerambycidae is a protected species.

Capricorne des maisons - Hylotrupes bajulus is definitely not protected.

I have capricorne du chene here :relaxed: they stay outside.

Well whatever they are they get scooped up into a piece of kitchen roll !

I don’t like things crawling around in my rooms, ugh ! :nauseated_face:

I feel the same way about creepy-crawlies, but did develop a strong affection for a large spider behind the stone sink in our buanderie.

I destroyed her complicated funnel-shaped web after our first encounter, and she scuttled away; but a week later she rebuilt an exact replica in the same place, and sat there as if defying me to do it again.

Stricken with remorse I let it be, and over the next two years we were cosy. I used to talk to her (“Mavis”) and apologised for vandalising her home. I think she forgave me in an arachnoid way. When she eventually disappeared I missed her, and kept her web-home for months in case she came back, but she didn’t.

If you’ve read this before you’ll realise that I was mightily touched by her personality. Maybe I’m just a bit touched, but it was a Robert the Bruce experience. :blush:


I know that there are large spiders in the beams upstairs and down in the garage of my house.

As long as I don’t see them that’s fine but once I see one I feel shaky and sick. The worse is when one gets into the bath and believe me they are LARGE, the only thing I can do is fetch the vac, turn it on, stand as far away as possible and throw the end in the bath and swish it around from a distance.

As for one appearing on my bedroom wall that’s a nightmare guaranteed, and once I have managed to vac it up I my eyes are forever searching the other walls ! :scream::nauseated_face:

Catch them in a glass and put them out, poor little creatures :spider::scorpion::beetle::honeybee::ant:


Noooo, I could never get that close to them Vero, what is more they are HUGE and not at all poor little creatures :nauseated_face::scream::scream::fearful::fearful:

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[quote=“Misty36140, post:19, topic:23836, full:true”]… poor little creatures

Elles ont de plus, les araignées, huit yeux chacune, et douze pieds.

Je pense à ecrire une petite histoire d’une araignée qui se trouve suite à être avalée dans un sac de feutre, et qui arrive à s’echapper en grimpant le longue d’un tunnel sombre et glissant afin de punir certaine qui l’a fait s’avaler. :scream::grimacing:

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