Anyone missing Cadbury's chocolate?!

Coming to Leclerc soon. This is from their Facebook page. E.Leclerc - Startseite | Facebook
Izzy x

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Buerk! Another thing I was pleased to leave behind in the UK.


Yuk! Over sweetened cocoa lacking greasy muck, yet another obesity causing product.

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Chocolaté snobs! I like Cadbury’s. I enjoyed when young and have happy memories of it along with malteasers crunchy bars snickers (marathons) and some others whose names escape me. Was there something called a star bar?

Never could stand bounties though

French husband belittles English ‘chocolate’ which makes me wave my flag in best brexitier fashion. He also refuses to eat baked beans chutney and ketchup. But I have indoctrinated our children and sent them out into the world. (Evil laugh)


I’m inclined towards John’s view, their “dark milk” product is OK though.

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Yes I did too…but my taste buds changed in adulthood and a lot of the sweet, sickly, greasy, fatty, chemically things I enjoyed then I now find disgusting!

It has changed.

Do you mean all together? Chutney is ok, ketchup can be ok
but those baked beans in a tin are an abomination

In the past, I would have munched my way through a complete bar of CDM without a second thought :nauseated_face:
These days, I’m content with with a single small square portion of 70% proper chocolate with a small coffee :yum:


No Vero I mean at anytime and in any combination. I’ve never seen him try any of them but he does cover his chips in mayonnaise !

Baked beans are in my Dna I’m afraid and (please sit down) my son ate a tin full only the other night cold and from the tin! But in their defence they are not as unhealthy as many processed foods

In some ways ageing makes us so sad.

Speak for yourself :crazy_face:

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I quite like CDM, but probably won’t go out of my way to get it. Crunchies, however are another matter😋


No not really, I know you are joking but vegelate is closer to the truth, clearly you have a sweet tooth, in moderation ok, however they are just incipidly sweet now I have reduced my sugar intake.

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My OH would do the same, cold straight from the tin, for me yuck! He discovered a variant in our Colruyt store that he likes, noted Heinz is in big supermarkets for a big price :smiley:
When friends bring a treat of a jar of branston it’s a lovely addition to Cantal vieux or entre deux with a choice of griotte confiture or black olive pesto, Even better with a couple of other cheeses and charcuterie…oh my mouth is watering!

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Having lived in Birmingham, close to Bourneville, I heard many stories about new workers’ first days in the Bourneville factory. They were encoruaged to eat as much of the “chocolate” as they could withstand…
Simple poilicy by the management… let them gorge themselves on the stuff until they feel sick, then they’ll be sick of the sight of it and stop picking niblets from the line :wink:


You’ve sussed me John I do have a sweet tooth.

Although you are also right that I am only joking and I don’t stuff my house with Cadbury’s. I think food is for good humour and sharing. Especially after so many enforced separations What or how we eat is not the question but where and with whom. Aren’t we all longing to gather round a big table somewhere and share meals again? Whether it’s in a shady garden or a cosy kitchen. Sharing food is the rock on which so much social interaction and love is founded Making food for others and eating it together transcends countries and even species. So of course I wish you well and would happily join you for a small coffee and proper chocolate.


We got married at Bournville Church, had our reception in Cadbury Club and took our guests round CadburyWorld. Sadly the club burned down last August. Personal inclination is towards dark choc, but only a couple of squares a week or so.


My sweet tooth had fallen out by the time I was about 20 and the little I eat now is far less sweet it seems.
Visitors bought over a large bar of CDM some time ago. Tried it but binned it.
It made my teeth sing!

Ooh, I might have to look into this… yes, I know there are “better” brands out there blah blah blah but meh :man_shrugging:

Now, if only they’d bring back Spira bars too, so I could have one with a cup of hot chocolate and use it as a straw so the chocolate melts from the inside out :drooling_face:

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I know someone who drinks his coffee by sucking it up through a Twix. :yum:
Izzy x