Anyone Using Sosh?

We’re looking for a cheap SIM card, not tied into a contract and we’ve been told by a helpful techie in Leclerc to consider Sosh.
We can’t use the Leclerc offer as Reglo is tied to the SFR network and we have no 4G SFR where we live. We do however have Orange 4G (but hate their prices!)
Does anyone here use Sosh? If so, I’d be grateful to hear your experiences. Not least, is it possible to go into an Orange shop and arrange a Sosh contract? I’ll do it online if I have to, but just prefer face to face.
By the way, our needs are simple, to be able to get 4G at home so we can use our new smart phones indoors to receive SMS messages from the bank, without having to go out in the rain and hunt for a signal. So we will only be looking at their most basic - 4.99 euro package.
All comments welcome. Thanks.

IIRC there are Sosh shops (as indeed Orange and Bouygues shops) where you can do the deal face to face or it can be done over the internet.
I mentioned in another thread that we have a friend who has a Sosh contract for his home internet and is seemingly quite pleased with it - and the costs.

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Just checked via Google Graham and seemingly not. It has to be done online. That is why they are cheap - no face-to-face sales/service structure and no, Orange won’t help a Sosh customer, so far as I can see.

OH was sure she’s seen a Sosh shop in Geant… ah well - apologies. Can’t be right all the time :wink:

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Been using Sosh for months, no complaints so far and we’ve saved a ton of money.


crickey @tim17 something we agree on :grin:

Was it easy to set up online?

Very easy, we got the box and three sims during the first lockdown and they came within a couple of days.

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Sosh is brilliant, until something goes wrong. There is no customer support apart from online, which can send you in frustrating circles. But you pay for what you get…so dirt cheap and absolutely no frills


I have had Sosh for several years just for my mobile. Set it up on Line and have never had any problems.


I can confirm that there are no Sosh shops nor will Orange assist (as others have said). As I am contemplating the switch I enquired in an Orange bureau just a few weeks ago.
With a business to run my only fear is that if the line goes down I will have to wait forever for repair.
I guess I can function with the mobile but we do a lot of copying and pasting etc. which is really fiddly if not impossible.

I use Sosh for both my mobile 'phone & home internet. It’s as trouble free as having “real” Orange (which we had for many years beforehand), but a lot cheaper. I’ve even had line faults sorted out using their online procedures, all without fuss.

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You can use your mobiles 'phone’s internet connection as a Hotspot & then run your other computers from that, as long as they have wireless capability.

Thanks for that tip Jonathan.

I had three Red by SFR contracts which would provide 50 Mb/s download for a 4G router with an outside antenna. No signal in the house.

The signal deteriorated to 5 Mb/s so did a test with Orange and found I could get up to 100 Mb/s and a working phone in the house which I needed for exactly the same reason - to receive those texts from the bank etc.

SOSH is only available online though there is a Chat service which is kept very hard to find. Activation of the SIM is done online and was instant in my case.

Setting up a DD was not easy as 4 times SOSH said it had not received the documents even though they were sent recorded and I had a signature. Also for non-EU residents it seems you might have to pay a deposit of €250 if you take out a new contract after BREXIT. It didn’t apply to me so I didnt look at that too carefully. I could have misunderstood.

If moving from one operator to another use the transfer number facility because cancelling a contract in France can be a real pain.

Do ignore anyone who tells you that this operator or that operator is good or better. It is only ANYGOOD if it works where you need it to work which in our case is inside the house.

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I have a Coriolis plan I bought from them online (not in the shop as different offers). By buying online you can’t use their shops (staff useless anyway).
But with the Coriolis plan you can switch (for free) between the SFR network and the Orange network.
For us in rural france this was great as when I put the sim in my phone the SFR network signal inside our house was very poor so a phone call later they switched me to the Orange network.
The connectivity is so good with 4G that we cancelled our broadband connection and now just tether off my phone signal. Especially as I get unlimited data for €10/mo.
My wife’s phone is with Prixtel (also no contract) for €15/mo with unlimited data and she also gets unlimited calls TO all of Europe.
Hope it helps,

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Thanks for the word of warning Christopher. I have to send off my ID (passport copy) and signed contract. The contract is supposed to be being emailed, but no sign of it yet, so I may send the passport copy first and not wait.

Just a general query to all of you - thank you for your replies - when you go into your account page does it revert to Orange? I was a bit surprised (I know they are a subsidiary) that they seem to be using Orange’s processes and not branding their own pages. Am I in the right place?

Wow that is very good, is it date only or calls as well?

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unlimited calls & txts to french numbers (both landline and mobile) for both plans.
The Prixtel gives the full european phone calls aswell (although you still pay extra to send txt msgs to other european numbers) whereas the Coriolis plan gives network choice between SFR & Orange.

Both plans give over 10GB/mo for roaming within Europe coverage.

The Coriolis telephone help line so far has been very useful when we wanted to switch from SFR Orange .
Not had a reason to call Prixtel so far.

I found both plans using the below website:

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I can’t see any reference to ‘Coriolis’ on that site Richard?