Apparently We are Now Officially Old

We have just had our first cold call selling special baths for old people.
Have you had this type of call yet, or is this a new one?

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oh dear! I realised that I was officially old when I became eligible to be admitted to the care home I worked in. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


It is becoming quite a market in UK with special villages for the over 45’s. We are well over qualified for that.

Ah yes… oldie ghettos… there’s loads of them around where I used to live (and you too Jane). The idea gives me the willies…

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I’m not old… I’m still a youngster… as I have great difficulty with child-proof closures… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


We looked at investing at one just off the main road in Nailsworth and when I looked at their prospectus I found that we had to either sell through the developer or pay a 5% fee if we did not.
The developer eventually pulled out and the residents had to run it themselves.

Most of them seem to cream off a percentage if you sell, and also there tends to be some sort of annual charge for maintaining communal facilties, which quite a few of them seem to have. However, being in a sort of closed community surrounded only by reasonably well-to-do people in the same age group comes close to my idea of hell…

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Couldn’t resist this, from another site:

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Just noticed on another site, @Jane_Williamson that the bathrooms for the elderly push seems to be based on a government grant of sorts so presumably we’ll all be getting these calls, just like the never-ending ones about loft insulation :roll_eyes:

When we built are new house here, we worked on the premise that we would need a decent walk-in shower rather than a bath (although we have also installed a slipper bath for 'er indoors).
New regulations concerning walk in showers for new builds requires that there is no step up into the shower which is a real bonus for the elderly/infirm and we were ahead of the game there.

We’re looking at installing a walk-in shower too but it’s a wee bit harder in an old property. Can be done but requires thought :thinking:

Back in the UK… there was one awful incident when I slipped and fell in the shower and no-one heard my cries for help…
Thereafter we ensured that grab rails, anti-slip etc etc were in all the bathrooms, toilets and showers.
OH even put bell-pulls carefully to hand, which rang loudly throughout the house… no-one could miss that row… you heard that and you knew someone was needing help…

Nothing to do with old age… just common sense.

However, my beloved brother could never remember that the red-pull was NOT the lightswitch… and when he was visiting, he would have folk dashing to his assistance…

I kept saying RED for danger, white for light… but, brilliant scientist though he was… he was naff at such ordinary things… :roll_eyes:

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I like the showers that are a bath too.
They have a seat in and you can have the water up to your shoulders when you use it as a bath and it doesn’t take that much water to fill.
They don’t take up as much space either.
I don’t know if they have these in France.

That sounds really good, Jane, but if the water can come up to your shoulders when seated, how on earth could you/me/herself climb over the side to get in in the first place?

Our bathroom is very small, 3mx1m, and we have always refused to get rid of the bidet and large wash basin, so room for a bath and toilet is very restricted. When we first bought we found a bath that was just over a metre long and had it fitted with a shower overhead. When we had to have the kitchen and bathroom floor rebuilt we accepted to change back to a shower and deeply regret it now.

But it is still in the garden, I refused to throw it away, it has been used to wash dogs in but is in full clean working order, so may well bring it back indoors. I feel a bit of juggling coming on. :slightly_smiling_face:

Go French and install it in your bedroom…

It has a small door in the side.

We bought a house with a shower in the bedroom back in UK and unless you have a huge room, the steam makes everything damp.
Not a good idea.

Oh, one of those, surely either all the water runs out when you get in or you get in to an empty bath and sit there patiently waiting for it to fill. Or have I missed something? :confused:

The nearest I got to that was in the canicule of '03, or whenever it was. I got a broken short chest freezer from the plumber, removed the lid and put it in the shade of the trees, open end upwards. Then I half filled it with water from the hose, climbed in with the aid of step ladders and sat in it using the step that covered the motor as a seat. The water displaced came up to my armpits and, with arms comfortably resting on the top edge and a G & T on a shelf fixed to a tree, read my book in complete cool comfort and thus rode out the heatwave. :laughing:

What an excellent idea @Spardo :smiley:

Also, you have to empty it fully before you can open the door so have to sit there, wet and cold presumably, while it empties. Seems a bizarre concept to me.
Love the freezer adaptation!
Izzy x