Application for a carte de séjour

Having just registered myself and ny wife on the French website, I’m prompted to ask how many people actually live in France and how many have registered ?

And, since a friend of mine was blissfully unaware, how many know they have to register ?

What is this topic about? :thinking:. Registration of what, for what ? And what website?


For a CdS I imagine. The British Embassy did say they thought there were a goodly number of people who were still unaware. If you don’t speak french, don’t participate in a social network, live very quietly and have few internet skills I guess it’s easy not to know.

Nobody is sure how many british people do live here as not all were on electoral roll.

Oh, that register. I wouldn’t have guessed! :roll_eyes:

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I’m with Donald Rumsfeld on this one:

" because as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns—the ones we don’t know we don’t know"

The known knowns are also tricky. Always best IMO to keep an open, questioning, mind about what we are sure of. These are the knowns that are prone to bite us in our cocksure arses, at least in my own experience of being cocksure about stuff… :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There is a qualitative difference between being ‘cocksure about stuff’ and categorising something as ‘known’. The former smacks of insoucance and that frequently does lead to trouble.

But we need some things to be taken as ‘known’ otherewise there is no basis for making any decisions, formultating strategies, plans for anything.

We can’t be perpetually in the position of being given directions that start, “You wanna go where? I wouldn’t start frum 'ere, then”

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So many wags !! so much humour. !!

I asked a civil questiuon - I only got one sensible answer …
There is only one wbsite that need concern us right now and however laid back the French may be about it, the fact is that you are requred to register your presence here in France within the next six months if you haven’'t done so already and if, like my OH, you have no paperwork to say you exist other than the original house purchase attestation, things can be a little worrisome.

If, on the other hand, you are male, or live alone, and own your own home and also get bloody bills seemingly every day, there’s mo problem.

So your OH has no Fr driving license, named on tax declarations or statements fr health or car insurance not mentioned on any bills or never been on a fr electoral roll, fr bank account…
If I were you I’d ring round your insurance companies to change your policies to include both your names and dated from today or tomorrow (should just take a phone call) then get OH into the system income tax, tax d’hab and health wise
Seeing how laid back the French are being with the British here and cds you should not have to many problems… declarations from the Mairie or some other notable in your area maybe helpful if push comes to shove

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Even if not for brexit I would really encourage you to get dual names on bills, banks a accounts and the like. Accidents happen and her life will be even more miserable if on top of grief of loosing you she then has to untangle all these things with a blocked bank account and institutions who will only deal with a named account holder.

Isn’t your avis d’impôt in both your names at least??

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With EDF you can go onto your online account and add her name then print off an attestation straight away. Unless you have just arrived it is a bit odd that your OH has nothing in her name. At the least you should see an accountant or speak to the tax office to get yourselves regularised for the years you are claiming to have lived here and absolutely get yourself into the health system as your UK EHIC cards are not for use by residents.

I think people may have been a bit confused as to your wording as you are not ‘registering’ anything you are applying for a residency permit / Carte de Sejour and your application will be looked at and processed by the prefecture.


John - please may I ask a civil question too?

What exactly do you mean by “register your presence here”? I can think of many ways in which one may register different aspects of one’s life but I’d find it helpful to know which one you referring to - you may have discovered one (or several!) that I’ve missed…

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I don’t disagree with that, and we’ve all seen how easy it sometimes seems to be the case that decisions, plans and strategies fall apart because assumptions about what all agree is known has not contained a necessary provision for wrongness. I did mention an open and questioning mind.

Can someone edit the topic title please, or tell me what it should be so I can?

John , have a look at this (thanks Stella) to see how easy it can be.
Lots of people here willing to help, just need some details (nothing personnel) on the subject :hugs:

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Alien registration?

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Why doesn’t your OH have any existence-proving paperwork? Actually maybe if you are married it isn’t even necessary. But it still strikes me as very odd.

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been here permanently for 18 months, (and what a year!) and given the officialdom we have waded through…just finished it all by applying for cdeS…I amazed how any one can exist under the radar…what about accommodation, tax, car registration health, public utilities insurances etc

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They’re the ones that always get you.

I have been bombarded with facebook posts and other ads about this. I even had a letter from the pensions people as I have a UK state pension (The three months that have passed since I asked for S1 is another matter), so it would be hard to avoid knowing without being a total recluse.
My wife also got a letter telling her she had to register, from the Pensions People, as she too has a UK state pension. Point is that she is a Maltese national and earned a UK pesnion for working in London for 15 years. No need to register at all. Coupled with that I took maltese nationality as soon as the referendum result came out. Saves a lot of faffing about.
Also we have a friend who is not too savvy about these things. In his case he is Irish (the North), so we pointed him at the Republic’s embassy to get a second passport. Again it’s actually easier than jumping through the hoops if you are linguistically challenged in fronyt of french websites.