Application to be Auto entrepreneur

I am applying to be an auto entrepreneur and wondered if anyone could advise me about 'Option pour le versement libératoire de l'impôt sur le revenu calculé sur le chiffre d'affaires ou les recettes'. I am unsure if I should reply yes or no to this as I am, I think, entitled to ACCRE

Yes, one of the things you can never work out (regardless of being french or foreign) is what is centralised and what isn't. The customs in the Tarn insisted I went to one of their registered doctors for my medical rather than a registered on in the Aveyron... When I spoke to my local impôt here in Decazeville he couldn't tell me anything as he hadn't had the file passed back from the office in Pézenas where the I was registered earlier in the year - to reduce my cfe which I now have to pay as I'm into my 4th year as an AE :-(

Go raibh míle maith agat, Brian

I can imagine, better have a glass of something Sheila ;-)

As always, Andrew, thanks for the advice. I'll leave well enough alone. Had to make 3 trips to the Mairie today to declare my one chambre d'hote. Oh, the form filling!

Just looked out of interest because there was a thing in my in-tray nearby, from Toulouse too. Centralisation perhaps?

Sheila, you're there, just get on with things now and after a couple of times you'll get used their stuff.

I wouldn't even bother rocking the boat Sheila, you've got your number, you're registered, you're legal, all they want you to do is declare your income and pay your cotisations, don't worry too much about exactly where the money comes from, they don't! and as for the letter coming from Toulouse, I've just looked at the address on the bottom of all my various changes etc and regardless of the wanderings into the Auvergne and Languedoc, all the letters came out of Toulouse office too, the other regions have offices but perhaps they don't have printers, envelops and stamps...!

I have no idea why it came from the Toulouse office - I just assumed they had responsibility for this area. However, I've got my number, got my first booking (for B&B) so I suppose I should add chambre d'hotes to my activities.

There's actually not a great deal more to come Sheila, you're registered, got your siren/siret n° and can trade urssaf will send you the quarterly déclarations to fill in and pay your cotisations. Congratulations! and keep copies of everything ;-)

Did it really come from INSEE Midi-Pyrénées... I thought you were in Languedoc-Roussillon...! Makes no difference, my original was Auvergne and I've since traded and changed addresses to Midi-Pyrénées, on to Languedoc and now back to Midi-Pyrénées ;-)

Hi all. I received a letter today from INSEE Midi-Pyréenées, setting out my SIREN, etc. I presume there's a rain forest's worth of paperwork to follow, and am not sure what happens next. However, thanks to Andrew and everyone who replied to my queries and offered help and advice.

I'd suggest going through the OFFICIAL site slowly with a good dictionary. It is very easy and quick and that's all you need to do. Otherwise try your local CCI as there will probably be someone who speaks English there given your location. Bonne chance ;-)

Hi Guys

Anyone know if there is someone out there( a paying service) who can help with the whole auto entrepreneur application process as it's all in French. I'm in the Antibes area.



Wonder if this will last.

Yes you did Louise, the versement libératoire did make a difference to begin with (taxe professionnelle) but now all AEs have three years where they pay no CFE ;-)

I did not take the option pour le versement libératoire de l'impôt but took the regime micro social with trimestriel versement, hope I did the right thing!


Thanks as always Andrew. Will wait and see how this one goes first before I have another session on the AE website, hands shaking, heart thumping....... :-)

Sheila, I signed up way back in 2009 and the forms have changed since, just had a look at mine and you can't say no to the fiscal micro but you can not opt for the versement libératoire de l'impôt (meant you didn't pay taxe professionnelle back then but that all changed after a year anyway and now makes no difference) I think you need Finn and his better up to date knowledge for this. As for registering Henry, it was so he can get up and running in his own right, be an AE just incase the scheme is frozen by Hollande, and exist in his own right in the system (important in France) rather than just as ayant droit. personal opinion, perhaps others are happy that way ;-)

I didn't opt for it, as far as I know, as I clicked non. Should I have selected yes? The other question is why register Henry at all, if he is now covered for Carte Vitale?

Do you mean you opted out/didn't opt for the versement libératoire de l'impôt sur le revenu ? as it's my understanding that all AEs are automatically micro entreprise until they exceed the turnover limits. As for Henry, get him in as sales (of paintings) rather than as an artist unless artists are on the list that is ;-)