Applying for French citizenship

Having been resident here for almost 5 years (middle of next month), I am seriously considering the above, and would be interested in other peoples experience of doing the same thing. Don't really even know where to start, so all tips regarding the process will be gratefully received. British national with moderate skills in the french language (intermediate). Thanking in anicipation. Gordon

I would suspect Holly that you have a right to Irish citizenship through marriage. A quick call to the Irish embassy in Paris might help. They're very friendly.

I think it depends on what type of carte sejour you have... mine is a 'carte sejour cojoint', so I'm directly relying on my husband's UK citizenship to live her (he's dual UK/Kiwi). Should something happen to him (or his employment here), I wouldn't be able to renew my carte sejour... and both my son and I would have to leave. Unless anyone knows something further I don't?? Every year when we renew, we have to come armed with all of his work declaration info etc.

Interesting discussion..... My husband has dual US/Irish citizenship, & I have only US. It made it easier for us to live here, but if I read correctly between the lines of some of the comments above, if he predeceases me, I lose the benefit of being married to an EU citizen. Did I understand that correctly? I still have to apply for my carte de séjour annually (until the day I qualify for the 10-year card), which is definitely easier because of my husband's EU citizenship. Would that change if/when I became a widow? If so, it's a scary thought. Anyone know the answer?


I think that you are correct that any child BORN in France has the right to become a French citizen but that doesn't mean that the child can stay in France if a surviving parent doesn't have the right (as a non EU citizen) to stay in France. It becomes v complicated! Maybe a specialist or lawyer here can tell!

Thank you Robert for wishing me luck. I have not firmly decided to go for it yet, but the reasons that I may are that having lived outside the UK for many years, and my wife and me deciding to make France our permanent home, I think that for me at any rate, the actual feeling of belonging to the country where I plan to live and eventually die, would be worth me making the commitment of becoming a citizen of that country. I have not visited the UK since moving here and have no plans or desire to do so. It's really just a personal thing, and can quite understand why others may be intrigued as to why I would want to. Hope that goes some way to answering your question

I have "heard" that if you have been in France for 10 years you do not need to be fingerprinted.

I am not sure how you are required to prove that.

I will start the process soon myself. Should be fun!

Heh, When I was in Bethesda for work in October I went to a police station, and they told me they didn't have the equipment to do it. It had been privatized there!

I haven't made it to France yet (am in the planning stages) but when I had a political appointment in the US Federal government and needed my fingerprints done for the DOJ as part of my background check, I requested a blank fingerprint card from them and then went to a local police station to have the printing done and they certified it as legit. Maybe you could see if you could get the card mailed from DOJ and have a local French police take the prints?

I shall be following this eagerly as both the Gaffer and I are trying to sort out the naturalisation thing. We have been here 6 years in a week. Thank you Tracy for the links. We've been to the Prefecture several times but the lady always seems to be on holiday when we go - perhaps she is trying to avoid us?

I can't add to the info... but thanks for the thread as I'll be doing this eventually too (I'm Canadian, but my son is born in France, and I want to make sure that if anything happens to the hubs that we can still stay!!) Thanks to everyone who is offering insight and advice!!

On a related note... does anyone know at what age you can request citizenship for a child born in France from non-french parents? My boy is half Canadian, half Kiwi, and of course I want him to be french as soon as he is able. I saw a random link somewhere that said we could initiate it, perhaps as young as 13? (he's not even three yet, so no rush on this one!)

I am British, and my wife is from the Philippines. She's been here 5 years next year and will apply as thee's a big age difference between us and if I peg out and she hasn't got some regularisation she and our British but French born daughter (currently three) may have to leave France and would not be automatically eligible to go to the UK. I amy do it myself for similar reasons but will not do so until 2015 as I want to write an English will. When I first appraoached my Marie they (wrongfully) suggested that any applicant would have to give up their previous nationality. Utter rubbish but then our small Marie has never ever had an application. I'm a bit worried about the cricket side of things though.

I am too, problem is I’m a Canadian born in Koweit!
Now that ‘acte de naissance’ is THE obstacle document in my papers!
I need to have someone in Koweit get it for me, and they need to have my permission to do that and some proof that I was born there (well um, i was 2 when I left!) , then i need to validate it here in the Koweiti embassy and translate it … I’m thinking of not going through with it … my kids and husband are french so i feel weird being different from them :slight_smile:
Oh and I’m also Lebanese …

Gordon, good luck in your quest...but I'm intrigued as I'm sure others are.

Why would you want to become a French citizen?

I assume you see some benefits that perhaps aren't apparent to the rest of us? Particularly those like you who are Europeans....

You could try robbing a bank perhaps!!

Tee hee

The one thing that I can't seem to get myself motivated to do is get my judicial records from the States. Mainly because, if I'm understanding things correctly, you need to send your fingerprints to the FBI to get them, and I don't know where to get myself fingerprinted... Any hints would be most helpful.

Thanks a lot Tracy. Sorry for not replying sooner, but not been on since your post

What a prat, I'm really having a bad day. It's here. And more info here.

Thank you Tracy. Kind of you to reply. Can't see the link, however. Maybe it's me. I'm a newbie. lol

If you follow this link through, eventually you find examples of the test to be taken. It's not that bad as the questions all have a multiple choice answer.