Are sprouting potatoes safe to eat?

OMG. About to cook potatoes. They are all sprouting! Safe to eat? Do you? Would you? Ta ever so.

I hope so, we eat them quite a lot.

As long as they are not going green, they are going poisonous if they are.

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OMG. NHS. Storing potatoes in a cool, dark and dry place - I DO - will help stop them sprouting - IT HASN’T - . Do not eat any green, damaged or sprouting bits of potatoes, as these can contain toxins that can be harmful.
Am paranoid since I cooked laurel leaves (inherited garden) assuming they were Bay. In bed for 10 days very ill - cyanide poisoning.

They are not green but the sprouts are very large.

I think it is difficult to advise someone else for something like this, it is pretty subjective.
For what it is worth I have never had any problems eating green or sprouting potatoes, I just don’t eat them when they are rubbery because the texture is repulsive.
If it worries you don’t do it.

when in doubt do owt

We don’t eat the sprouty bits, we pull them off and use the potatoes as normal.


How about planting them?


we will - never tried before - how do we know when we have any? Talk about Townie Novice!

I can imagine the after effects of eating laurel….ugh.

We have a laid back approach to this sort of thing and cut off green and sprouty bits, and eat the rest. Have been doing this all my life, and am still here….

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As it’s still quite early in the year, try planting a few in a pot and keep them in a sheltered / frost free place.

That’s what we do too, and if any of the interior is a little grey after baking or boiling then we cut out that bit.

We also just take the eyes off and eat them, as @vero says, not if they’re spongy :face_vomiting:.
If you do chuck them though, whatever you do, don’t put them in a compost heap.

Unless you want to turn your compost heap into a potato bed…

And we do what most people seem to - cut out the eyes/sprouts and any green bits. Eat the rest!

Indeed @AngelaR , I only made that mistake once.


The green parts do have a toxin. It is called solanine. I just peel it off very carefully. I wouldn’t eat any of the green.

Just eating the eyes is very wasteful.


@AngelaR …and I’ve currently got a “good” crop in one compost bin