Are we too quick to sue someone.. UPDATE

(Helen Wright) #61

Me neither Peter…after negotiating my body from kitchen to bathroom…one collie licking my face the whole time and one hitching a ride on my legs (!) …I was totally unable to get myself onto the toilet…my small bathroom was a little overcrowded with Border Collies by that time but fact remains that I couldn’t do it and neither would I have been able to wash my hands…x :slight_smile:

(Peter Juselius) #62

I was thinking of should I remove my cloths before getting up on the seat or not. Thought of that complication made me quit.

(stella wood) #63

Reminds me of a time, long ago… my little niece aged about 3… very grown up… decided to take herself off to the toilet…

She came back full of excitement. How lovely and comfortable your toilet is, she chortled to her grandmother…

We were all rather mystified until grandmother went pale and explained to us that she had recently bought a pretty candlewick bathroom set…

Yep, you’ve guessed it… little niece had nestled down onto the lid… ooops

(stella wood) #64

Great result… all round…

(Nellie Moss ) #65

I have just seen this and was going to post. Just about the best that could happen

(Peter Juselius) #66

… “This is the reality for a lot of disabled people. You get left on planes, you get left for sometimes a couple of hours,” she said.
… Mr Levene’s experience has prompted disabled people to share their stories of using public transport, including being left on trains…

(Teresa Shipley) #67

It can apply to the elderly too. My mum is 83 and still travels alone by train to visit family. Last time I went to Lime Street to meet her the guard wouldn’t let me through to her platform to help her as he said it was too busy. I explained she was elderly and would be waiting but he was irresolute. I tried ringing my mum to see if she could walk to the barrier but of course she didn’t hear her phone. Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration, I possess a Merseyside pass which allows me to travel in that area free of charge and there was an Ormskirk train waiting on the neighbouring platform. I scanned my pass and walked through, there was nothing he could do. Sure enough my mum was sat waiting patiently although by then the other passengers had left.
We didn’t complain, perhaps we should have.

(Tony Marwood) #68

So seems to me that the essence of the story is that he happily sat ‘n’ hours on a Plane, in a usual seat (not a special paraplegic seat ?), he didn’t have to wear his seat belt for take off/landing (as he didn’t want to be tied down ?), he didn’t want to be wheel chaired by someone else through the airport (but would have been happy if it was self powered ?), he crawled across the floor in a temper, he got on a baggage trolley (because they’re that comfortable and don’t have belts ?), he got into a Taxi with usual seats (not special paraplegic seats ?), and a year later complains about it. Yep, seems par for the course.