ARE YOU A SILENT MEMBER? Never writing anything? Maybe read-only?

Just wondering how many, if any, SF people there are who never write a word. There must be lots of them.
Speak now, silent people.?
Just one response to any post, from any topic, no matter how old it is.


I read a lot of the subjects, I don’t always reply :blush: sometimes I get scared by some comments and don’t wish to get involved in sometimes some scary reading :blush: just love to read about people in general living here in France. :blush: thinking we are lucky to be living here .
Sorry to be a voyeur lol lol :joy:


You’re very thoughtful to reply, Ann, and I will take your comment to heart.

It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that this ‘dinner party’ is not just a chummy intimate conversation, but one which is enacted in front of an ‘audience’ of hundreds, at least potentially, and some of the comments made may be upsetting to others.

Thank you for speaking up.:hugs:

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Getting scared by some comments and don’t want to get involved is perfectly understandable. I have just conducted a little research, you could call it a ‘Blind Tasting’ , by dipping in a couple of times over the past few weeks. Obviously Brexit is the prevalent concern of members and is discussed more often than any other subject, on occasion with a certain amount of panic. The political side of Brexit unravelling in Parliament also, IMO, makes ‘scary’ reading. There are also a small group of members who dominate much of the ongoing narrative about myriad subjects, posting over and over again about their own areas of interest. Very much like being at one’s first dinner party prior to sitting down with a glass in one hand and a canape in the other trying to follow the conversation of regular guests banging on and not being able to get a word in edgeways without fear of appearing rude or being belittled for your views. (e.g; Being “squished” or "squishing ).

It’s also apparent that when a previously silent or new member does enter into the fray their views are sometimes given rapid and unsympathetic dismissal which doesn’t encourage folk to join in.


Hi Dan
I have been a member for years now
Totally agree with your comment
Still love the website though :blush:


Can I gently remind folk about “flagging” .

If they consider a reply is “inappropriate” (and perhaps off-putting) it might be an idea to “flag” said post…

That way, @james gets to take a look … and …do whatever… if necessary.

Also worth remembering that sometimes the Poster does not realise how his/her words come over to others. :thinking:


Useful info., thank you Stella! I’m sure flags are explained in detail, somewhere, but your comment has saved me the effort of searching. .,
.’…hmm hmm I have said to myself often, what is flagging?..,’
…also why do you put @ somebody? please, while you are there…

Jeanette… if you wish to specifically include someone in your post - you need to put their “username” ie for me it is @smw. If you type @smw it pulls up a selection of folk (or just me in my case) and you click on, to choose the person you actually intend to include.

@jeanette will pull up nearly a dozen - so I have to look at each and decide which one is “you” @Jeanette_Leuers - hurrah.


…and flagging is used if you feel someone’s post is inappropriate. Just by clicking on the flag below.
Flogging is not yet available…


Oh, I don’t know…I’m sure we could come up with a nice flogging session… but, please can we wait until it is a bit cooler… :rofl:


…the flogging costs extra…:blush:


I’m a silent member, I read a lot of the posts but don’t join in.
It feels a little like butting in to a group of friends as it seems to be mostly the same folks contributing and I’m not sure I’d have anything worthy to add. But as Eleanor Roosevelt had it 'no one can make you feel inferior without your permission ’ so perhaps we silent people just need to be brave.


@Julia261 - definitely join in, it is always great to hear what people think.

You have completed your full name and photo so even Head Girl @smw won’t tell you off! (winky smiley face if only I knew how or could see the difference between the small yellow dots!)


Julia, I just invited myself to the diner party:wink:
I don’t often have much to say (especially about politics:zipper_mouth_face:) but usually find a subject where I can throw in a comment :grin:
As somebody said, sometimes comments can seem caustic, but an emoji often takes the sting off.
Jump in…if you fancy?


Go for it go for it :smiley: the more the merrier!


And perhaps some of us cocky types like me who always chime in with comments of blithering idiocy should put a sock in it, more like! :zipper_mouth_face::shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::no_mouth::grinning:

Don’t go away Julia, you’re already attracting likes :heart::green_heart::blue_heart::heart::purple_heart: like a picnic attracts wasps :laughing: (you’re not a wasp!).


Oh no! Blithering idiocy, is only one of a billion self put-downs that are to be discouraged, in every potential poster. OK! “YOU” (not you Peter) might well be the world’s worst nit wit, half wit, uninformed twit, but please, allow everyone else to make those judgements, while you feel perfectly free, to attempt to put into words, whatever comes to mind, as a thought you’d like to share!
One of the most precious assets of internet communication is the freedom it gives, to stay or go! To click the button that best suits the moment. Remember always, no one is obliged to read a single word of your posts. Each of us is free as a bird, to fly away and leave your pearls of poetry and wisdom wherever they may fall. Forgotten.

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@Jeanette_Leuers:. “Forgotten”

A very strong old Viking verb conjugation I think?

They forget, they forgot, they have forgotten. :hugs:

Latin equivalent obliviscor, wimpish by comparison. :smiley:

It’s probably me - but l do think that the thread banter between you and jeanette_leuers can be the sort of diatribe and back and forth that puts people off from joining in - it’s as though you’re having a private conversation which is displayed here and doesn’t really make any sense to the rest of us at all. What do you think?