Ask....How do I get rid?

I recently installed a Java update on my computer and forgot to uncheck the install Ask toolbar box...

I tried uninstalling it and I keep on getting told to close all Chrome applications...despite the fact that nothing is open...

I tried to do a system restore to a date prior to the installation and that hasn't worked.

Does anybody know how I can shot of this toolbar?

It is driving me mad!!!

Many thanks :)

Thanks Brian. I am going to do as Sheila said and repost in Computer Corner. I'll let you know if there is a solution :)

Damaris. I have the same plague with two toolbars. When I got my new computer last week I rubbed my hands and there was bl**dy Babylon and the other whatever. They appear to implant in Google. I have sent a message asking Google to advise, remove or whatever on Tuesday but heard nothing back yet. When (if) I do I'll post it on Computer Corner unless this post is still running.

Hi Damaris. I think there might be some info on this in Computer Corner :

Might I suggest that you re-post this query in that group, and then delete this one?

Hope all is well with you and you are ready for the season.