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My car insurance is coming up for renewal soon, I always shop around for a better policy or cheaper quote, sometimes I get both. If you don't ask, you don't get so as I see it, it doesn't hurt to fire off a quick email or make a phone call if your French is up to a bit of haggling!

Do you shop around every year or are you happy with your current insurer?

Who are you with and would you recommend them?



Youmcan also change twenty days after you have received renewal notice. Keepmthe envelope to show the date ofmposting and note when you received it. You must notify by registered post.

Hi James, I'm a bit late in on this one. I've changed several times but usually get the best deal on the internet. We've both been with idmacif for the last few years. We've just changed for the house insurance to maaf who gave us a quote for the cars which was double that of idmacif. In short, shop around for each individual need - it's more hassle having loads of different companies rather than the local office dealing with everything but it avoids them getting complacent and ripping you off - PIL had the farm and everything else with the local axa office for decades until they were offered a free quote by someone else and soon realised they'd been paying way too much for years - they ended up moving everything elsewhere...!

that's interesting to know Steve - I'm pretty sure that insurers sit back comfortable with small increases each year on those customers who renew with them automatically because its easier. They carry on taking a little slice of commission which of course gets bigger as premiums increase (usually it's a %). Next round of renewals I'm going to get my act sorted and shop around then ask AXA to match as we pay a small fortune now on insurance with them

David Atkins....Axa Charente.

Very helpful.

Plenty of options to look into here, thanks everyone, do keep them coming!

As previously posted, we had a dreadful experience with Pacifica, bought through britline of Credit Agricole.
We were assured that we were fully covered, both at home and on the road. When our windscreen wipers failed to work during a downpour and we were packed up ready to go to UK, the assistance line of Pacifica did not agree. We were also told that because it was a Sunday, they could not find anyone to come out.
We were not told that we were buying insurance for six days a week and when we asked Britline to point out where in the Schedule it said that the windscreen wipers were not covered, as it was an electrical fault that caused the problem, we never heard from them.
Fortunately for us we have a 24 hour garage a few kilometres from us, working on a Sunday, who helped us.

Initially I was with Axa (the so-called English speaking branch at Nice) who sent me letters I couldn’t understand in French and they were particularly unhelpful on the phone (despite their English colleague). I eventually had to take them to a tribunal and succesfully get back the money they owed me (it took me two years of paperwork and a load of hassle from Axa). I’m now with Allianz who have been very competitive and always match any lower devis I get from alternative companies.

We have lived in Chateauneuf la Foret for 10 years (dept 87) and have tried various assurance companies. For the past couple of years we have settled with Thelem for all our insurances as they seem to be the most competitive and helpful and would recommend them to anyone.

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In essence you have 15days after you get the renewal letter to cancel, under "la Loi Chatel". Some companies send the renewal letter miles in advance, other leave it till later hoping you think you're stuffed, which you aren't.

If you receive the renewal notice more than 15 days before the renewal date, you have up to 15 days after the renewal date in which to cancel by registered letter.
If you receive it less than 15 days before the renewal date or after the renewal date, you have up to 20 days after the date stamp on the envelope of the renewal notice. So, KEEP THE ENVELOPE that your renewal notice arrives in.

The 2 month notice was done away with a couple of years ago!

You are now covered by the Loi Chatel, which removes the onus of cancellation from the policyholder and places it on the insurance company to invite you to accept renewal terms and outline your cancellation rights.

At least one month before your policy renewal date the insurer must advise you in writing that it will be automatically renewed, the renewal terms and your rights of cancellation. Again, all your correspondence concerning cancellations should be done by registered letter.

If the insurer’s renewal letter is received 15 days before or after the renewal date, you have 20 days from the posting date to cancel the policy. You should keep the post marked envelope as proof of date received..


B.I.B.A uses all different insurance companies.... we have a van, car and a campervan and they are not on the same insurance companies.


No, the cobblers is what they've got you by. Write the letter, shop around...?

we use Nadal's in Sête who are part of Generali, don't know how their prices compare, but on claims they are top notch and no quibble.

Hi James, I'm with Eurofil with a limited 9k kmage (as I never go anywhere). I usually check online at renewal time to see if they are still competitive and they have been so far. I use them for house and kid/school insurance too.

When I first moved to France I used Generali for my car, they were excellent and during the storm of 2008 dealt swiftly with the windowscreen breakage and also with an accident caused when a farmer reversed into me with his van. However, the renewal increased every year quite dramatically. I moved to an independent broker who has options with other companies, not allegiance to one company. My broker always keeps my assurance with the same cover much the same without significant increases. He is based in Bergerac and if there is ever a claim he represents you and attends the house or car when the expert visits. He also deals with any renewal or change notices. Carolyn, I believe B.I.B.A. only deals with Allianz, I may be wrong of course.

Hi James, both our cars are with Banque Populaire. Cost is comparable with others but I had a major claim last year and they were excellent in dealing with it. It ended up "knock for knock" but I didn't lose my NCB.

Far too lazy to do that, James, though I'm sure I should. I've been with Groupama for 20-odd years and they have treated us well. It does help to be in a small town where you always see the same person -- in fact the only person! So I never have to explain anything. They insure our house and our two cars on which we have 50+ per cent bonus despite the fact I managed to bend the rear end earlier this year. The local rep said I should claim as it would have almost no effect on the premium and she was right.

I've always insured with AXA using a local broker as they give us a great service. When cash became tight I did some looking around and found a far better price with an online broker that belongs to AXA. I took their quote to the local broker who very quickly came up with a matching price

If you don't do a high mileage (or should that be kilometrage?!) it's worth going with Amaguiz, where you can opt for a "pay as you drive" policy. They install a mini computer in the engine (via a local garage). You pay a basic fee per month (ours is about 10-12€ if I remember rightly), then you pay a very minimal amount (I think something like 1c per Km) every time you drive the car. So we're basically paying about 120€ pa (for a BMW 5-series estate, and for our Lexus which was around 470€ with Generali), plus distance. Even driving back to the UK only seemed to cost about 10€ for the trip. We haven't needed to make any claims so I can't comment on how good they are with dealing with them.