At last; the Royals in a good light

After all the bad press recently, it’s good to see the Royals as they really are:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Yep, me too. We had NAAFI tea bags owing to shortages (rationing military style) of tea leaf in Cologne, plenty of craters and ruins and the occasional bomb to play near!

Er, not quite yet Brian, but rationing, NO TEABAGS and bomb crater and ruins to play in just down the road.

Puts you over 70 then, respect for my elders.

Are WE amused?

Didn't exist in those days Brian!

Probably a take your own teabag do!

I was regularly nodded to, never spoken to mind you, by her grandnephew.

Grrrrrr, he had to get in somewhere!

Umm, how's tea with his grandmother?

Well I have been taken out to lunch by Mr. Windsor's cousin. So beat that!

Bruce, we are not having a discussion 'on the royals', or the top-gallants for that matter. I refuse to be drawn on the subject (excuse the pun). Point à la ligne.

Like Joan, I’ve a bit of a Foot fetish, but it’s nowt to do with any politicians!
See, Tim…if we’d cancelled out this discussion on the royals, we wouldn’t have got this far, with you meeting me in the local Turkish baths, with your socks off! Seeya there!

Can I reply to myself??

Just occurred to me that he might have been claiming expenses for the house in the first place, in which case maybe I could get a refund, and invest it in The Princes Trust. What do we all think?

Well we need them for after independence in a few years, so that we can kick them out ourselves, Salmond can go with them!

I thought you had declared yourself a Republican Brian?

Not to worry about the extant, I am a 9th cousin 22 times removed of the chambermaid of the boot-maker who fell in love with the second cousin of the Kings fire lighter, so no problems being reinstated there. I shall be looking for a good Chamberlain, so keep in touch.

Joan Lestor introduced me to him once, he was as deaf as a doorpost by then and managed to say something like 'Pleased to meet you Michael' before shambling off out of the dining rooms. He was retired but went for his free dinner every day as an ex-member. Joan was a bit of a Foot fan, like big time.

The chap with the moustache, did anything ever come of him? Did his Charlie Chaplin impersonator career in Argentina take off?

So would I, BUT the line is extant and the UK would end up with Spaniards with French and Danish blood via the Corsican nobility. Frying pan and fire spring to mind!

Bruce, I lived in the basement flat of Michel Foot's house in Well Road Hampstead ,many years ago now, and do you know he used to say good morning to me when we bumped into each other. Charming chap, lefty though! I wonder if he declared the rent to the Impots?

Did enjoy Tim. Always thought how did he get away with anything, with such an absurd moustache? Now, if he had a bit of street cred, like Michael Foot did!