At least I'll get ALD

My best wishes for a reversal too @JohnH , saying stay positive does not seem to cover it adequately, but it is necessary to try.

How lucky you were that you were careful enough to see the doc for what appeared to be something minor in the first place.

Do they just sit around and wait to see what pops up or do they go round looking, say, do they now feed you through a whole body scanner or take more tests?

btw how does this Gleason scale work? What is its range?

Yes, some chemo does leave you feeling prostrate.


It goes from 6-10 though, confusingly, 7 is split into 2 levels.

Sorry to hear that, @JohnH.

You know what I’m continuing to do.

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Oh bummer John, sorry to hear that news. Fingers crossed for you x

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Bon courage, all good wishes to you.

Positive vibes and at least you’re in the best place for managing it!