Attestation d'acceuil

Interesting comments on The today within the article ‘Is there a minimum cash requirement…’ relating to the above.
I know it was raised last year but i wondered if anybody has first hand knowleged of a visitor being asked to provide on arrival an A d’A?
The next door neighbour of friend of ours living in 29 ( we live in 22) asked at Maire (god knows why) and was told he definitely had to have one, and that Maire now had a duty to check that residents (having none EU visitors) had one for guests. But maybe that’s just a self important jobsworth talking!

Our friends visited their Mairie and were told they needed one for our visit. They didn’t get one but sent us a letter to say they were providing food and lodging etc. We were not asked for it.
Some media outlets are reporting now that visitors to Spain have to show they have sufficient funds to support themselves.

Our Mairie gets asked to provide the document, when folk are having “foreigners” visiting, family members from whichever country…

The package has to be done 1 month in advance and bits of it are forwarded to Immigration I suppose (frankly, the last one was before covid and I’ve forgotten all the details).

I do know that our Mairie didn’t check the income/whatever of the various family visitors themselves, but the Mairie did point out to the local person that he/she is standing surety for such family visitors… and advised them to ensure that the Visitor did take out Travel/Health Insurance etc etc…

I would add that none of these visitors were British Passport Holders

Last time I asked at the Mairie my question was met with a shrug and ‘pas necessaire’.

I’ve had 20-30 family visitors this year and I’ve sent each one a ‘welcome’ letter setting out the dates they are staying with me at no charge, and including my details (address, email, phone, residency status etc etc).

Regarding portsof entry, they have arrived by boat (Dieppe, Caen), tunnel (Calais) or air (Poitiers or Limoges).

So far, none has been asked for any information concerning their stay, let alone an attestation d’accueil. But I know that if I failed to provide it, some kind of attestation would be demanded :upside_down_face:

Hi Strudball

We have had three lots of visitors this year, and none have been asked for an A’d’A or any other proof of income or where they are staying.


Is it not the case that if a visitor has tickets already booked for their return, the pressure is off somewhat if in the unlikely event they are challenged?
Of course a Mairie would wish to do an A d’A… they get some income for it :wink:

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I have talked about folk for whom an Attestation IS required…
and I can assure you that our Secretaire has more work than she can comfortably handle and doesn’t do anything unnecessarily…

(Incidentally, the money goes to the government coffers, not our Mairie…)
EDIT: the OP was asking about the likelihood of the Mairie checking etc… and I was explaining what has been the experience, locally… with real cases which do need Attestations… (not if/maybe/maybe not… Brits) no-one here goes out of the way to figure whether someone needs a bit of paper…

So then @stella what do the Mairie do whilst they are on holiday for the best part of August when 3rd Country national holiday makers are visiting :thinking:

Our Mairie doesn’t close for holidays… just weekends and JdFerie

…So in reply so far, nobody has first hand evidence of one being asked for, we’ve had three sets of visitors and other friends have had several and no requests at the border either. And customs seem quite uninterested in what’s in the car too.

That’s certainly been the case for all of my visitors this year.

ours are due here next Friday via St Malo so hopefully that holds true for them too…

I had no idea that such a thing existed, and hope that my son’s visit, open ended starting on Monday at Limoges will produce no complications.
He will eat and be with us most of the time but, because we have no spare room, will be sleeping in the spare room of the bar owner.

Attestations have been thrashed about quite a bit…

Here’s another thread running from May '21 right through to April 2022…

and I’m fairly sure some folk have waved bits of paper and others haven’t and no-one (Brit PPort holders) has been denied… :wink:

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Thank you, my son is pretty laid back but also switched on to such things I think. Before the short New Year complete lockdown he was intending to come here almost directly from Thailand and he had been to the French embassy in Bangkok to get all the gen, so I hope he has done the same this time.